Jos Verstappen


Jos Verstappen

Jos and Max Verstappen last week attended 15th Winter Cup at the South Garda kartracing Circuit of Lonato del Garda. The quick son of former F1 driver Jos Verstappen did in action in the KF3, and it was strong international class debut. After the last year Max have won all there was a bit more competition in Italia. However, the CRG-driver once again shows his speed and talent, and was the fastest driver on a regular basis. In the final he had the honour of presenting to the virus Egor Orudzhev, but made it a pretty good second place. Both father and son were also more than satisfied with the outcome.

"I have to say that it is very good. We were just a little deficit for the victory, but we are very satisfied with this second place. We were good and sometimes win, sometimes you will lose ", Jos Verstappen managed to "For Max was the first game at such a high level with 110 participants. Most are older and have years of experience in this class, which must not be forgotten. It is all very well, and the cooperation with CRG is a good thing. They are happy with us, and it looks for this year. We have done a good job in Lonato del Garda. The engines are running and are quickly. We step by step in the right direction with the set up and we are continually progress. The start was very difficult, the differences are minimal, you talk about two decimal places. But we have to show that we are. I am super positive and extremely satisfied. Let us be honest; Max is only 12. What would you like more, these are simply very good results."

Max added: "Yes, this was a fun debut. At long last a real competition. I was close to the profit-making, but I am pleased with this result. I was the only CRG factory driver who was in the final."

Moreover, it was still just as sick Verstappen Junior during the days before the race, in which there was fully tested. "I have a lot to be driven to miles. One day I was sick, so I was not able to travel, and that I felt on Thursday and Friday ‘, said Max. "All in all, I am happy, it was a beautiful weekend. I would like to Aad Bos, Richard Pex, papa and CRG for their support. Now on the road to the first race of the WSK, two weeks’ time in La Conca ", the young driver after his great international debut.

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