Jos et Max: pére et fils

Ghibli Raceway international welcomed the Dutch Formula one driver Jos Verstappen who’s accompanying his son Max in WSK World Series finals at Ghibli Raceway circuit (28 – 31 Oct. 2010). Jos had born in March 4, 1972 – Montfort, Holland. He had a long history in motor sport and F1 as well. He started his F1 life with McLaren F1 team as test driver 1994, and moved to drive for many other teams till 2003 such as Benetton, Simtek, Footwork, Tyrrell, Stewart, Arrows and Minardi.

Is it your first visit to Egypt?
« Yes, and also to Sharm El Sheikh as well, which I found it’s marvels. »

So, how did you find Ghibli Raceway circuit?
« Actually it’s fantastic, and full of driving passion … but a little bit sandy which I know it’s out of your control as well by weather factor. »

Did you drive on the track or not yet?
« No, not yet … but I’m planning to do so as I see, it’s interesting to drive on. »

After leaving Formula one driving. What are you driving now?
« You know that I drove for one season in A1 GP, and also three seasons on LM GT at LeMans and other championships as well… and I will keep driving. »

Do you have any plans in Motor sport business, such as opening racing school or starting your own karting circuit etc.?
« Actually no at this stage of my life, I’m interested in driving and helping my son Max in his motorsport career. »

My last question to you, What’s your plan with your son Max?
« As you see his doing well in this championship, he’s gaining the best time till now in the free practices and he’s on the top standing of KF3 category’s drivers – till now – as he won the previous rounds… also I’m planning for him to participate in a lot of other championships which will lead him to Formula one by future. »

Jos’s son, Max, won the title in WSK World Series KF3 class and also answered a few questions:

Max, would you tell us about your feedback about Ghibli Raceway international circuit?
« It’s one of the best tracks I drove on, and also being in Sharm El Sheikh … it’s beautiful and very healthy weather. »

Tell us about your expectations in this championship, especially that you got the higher points in the previous two rounds?
« I feel confident in winning, I’ll do all my best and my active driving on the track as well. »

So, what’s your plan after this event?
« I’m going to participate in WSK Nations Cup at La Conca, Italy. Also I will participate after in CIK/FIA world championship… »

And what about preparing yourself to Formula racing?
« You know I’m 13 years old now, I’m driving now in FK3 category which is juniors category, and I think that I’ll get to Formula stages after two or three years from now. »

What about your father’s support in motor racing?
« Of course he’s supporting me in my racing careers, as he has a lot of experiences in motor sport filed and his accompanying me in this event to encourage me for winning… »

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