Callum Ilott – KF WINNING PACE, SO CLOSE Perfect in the first half of the weekend: 1st in Superpole and 1st after the heats (3 victories over 4 races). Then a contact on the first lap of the prefinal makes him close 16th. In the final Ilott climbs back up to 6th place, but then he makes a mistake that costs him a 3 second penalty: he ends 20th, despite having scores the absolute best lap. He is so close to being able to deliver the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Lance Stroll – KF A FEW PENALIZING CONTACTS The Zuera track penalizes those who don’t find the right trail: that’s what happens to the Canadian in the qualifyings (36th). From here he rebounds nicely through the heats, then in the prefinal he gets caught up in mid-field “combat” (it looked like a battle more than a race, “team managers should be more attentive,” says Dino Chiesa) and closes 18th and in the final he is knocked out by the starting accident involving 6 or 7 karts.

Tom Joyner – KF UNLUCKY WEEKEND In the qualifyings he can’t find the right pace and is relegated to the 43rd place. Then in the first heat he does an amazing climb up to 4th, but it’s hard to recover race after race without problems: in fact, in the following heats he is 12th, 23rd (due to a contact), then 19th , not enough to qualify

Martijn Van Leeuwen – KF Junior TOP 10 IN THE SERIES STANDINGS After placing 23rd in the quailfyings, the Dutch driver recovers nicely and at the post-heats penalties count he is 9th overall. He goes on to manage well his prefinal (A), closing 5th . Then in the final he closes 7th, attesting himself among the best 10 drivers in the paddock.

Petru Florescu – KF Junior SPEEDY FOOT IN SEARCH OF RESULTS After tough qualifyings (41st), he rebounds well in the heats (20th) and again in the prefinal (B), where he lands 8th. Then in the final, despite great lap times, he can’t manage to get past the 17th spot, after an early contact forces him to chase back up from the rear.

David Beckmann – KF Junior AN UNLUCKY FINAL 8th in Superpole, after the heats Beckmann qualifies in 30th place. In his prefinal (B) he ends 7th, but in the final his chain snaps and he has to retire, giving up his “podium dreams”.

James Pull – KF Junior WINNING SPEED, BUT SO MANY CONTACTS 7th in the Superpole, in the first heat he even “pulls” the best lap, but a few contacts throughout the races penalize him. He manages to qualify despite another contact in the prefinal, but in the final he runs into another accident and then can’t catch back up to the group (24th), despite top 5 lap times .

Bryan Elpitiya – KF Junior CONSTANT AND STILL GROWING 16th after the heats and 13th in his prefinal (B), he qualifies for the final. Here he rises well and ends 22nd, after a weekend that saw him grow steadily.

YueYang Sun – KF Junior SOME MORE EXPERIENCE The rookie still has a lot to learn in the tough world of international racing. In this round he “struggles” with the length of the track that disorients him and keeps him from qualifying for the finals, but he gained valuable experience.


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