BNL series 2013

Change of plan in the BNL Series!
Since the KZ class doesn’t seem to be so popular this year, and we have more demand for Senior max, we are cancelling the KZ and we re-open the entries for the Senior max class, so we can except more then 36 which we have now.
This means, that in the Senior Max, we will be driving heats.
8’ Training
8’ Qualifying
Heats (A-B / A-C / B-C)
Final A = Top 28 qualified drivers
Final B = Qualified driver 29 + rest
(this is done Saturday, and again Sunday)

It is the final that will count for the season scoring. So after each BNL Weekend, you will have 2 results. These will make the podium for the weekend.
At the end of the season, you will have 6 results, of which we take the 5 best the make the season total.

SO: If you haven’t entered for the BNL series yet: Go to the website now!
There you can also see the new timing.


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