Great Victory for Riccardo Negro at Sarno

Podium-KZ2 negro pex crg dr kart wsk master series sarno

«By all means it is Riccardo’s most beautiful race so far» explained Danilo Rossi after the WSK Master Series held at Sarno. «And what is more, I think his potential has not reached its peak yet…». It must also be said that several observers were enthusiastic about the Italian driver Riccardo Negro’s victory.

Though DR Racing boss praised, and rightly so, his driver, his kart also played an important part in this great success. It is also a major victory for DR chassis, a fine demonstration of the underlying qualities of the tubes designed by Danilo Rossi’s team in the light of his great racing experience as 4-time World Champion when he was a driver and as one of the most prominent team managers for several years now. It is worthwhile to point out that TM engines are also prepared in-house. Considering the incredibly high level of current KZ competitions, one cannot but feel admiration for such overall performance.

But the Sarno meeting had not started off on the right foot. Negro was definitely fast already on Saturday, but the heats and the final race were disrupted by a number of incidents, which did not spare the DR Racing driver and forced him to try and regain as much ground as possible. The following day the situation improved with a 10th place on the grid of the second final. Negro seized his chance at the start and attacked right away in the top 5. Then he gave his maximum and pushed his kart as hard as he could, relentlessly reaching the lead of the race. While he was approaching Charles Leclerc, he also managed to leave behind Bas Lammers, the winner of the last KZ1 World Cup. He finally passed the leader fair and square on the 12th lap (out of 15) and triumphed on the finish line with almost one-second lead. What a fantastic race!

DR kart

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