Genk (Belgium). CRG showed on track an absolute dominion in Genk’s last round of the WSK Euro Series in KZ1, which culminated in Final 1 victory – worth also the well deserved title for Max Verstappen – and in the solid one-two-three obtained in the second Final on Sunday with Davide Forè satisfactorily back on the top spot of the podium together with Jonathan Thonon and with the great protagonist Max Verstappen. CRG drivers dominated the Belgian weekend highlighting once again the quality and competitiveness of the chassis produced by the Italian outfit, awarding the whole team with increased motivation for the remaining of the season that is about to get in the “red-hot” phase of the CIK-FIA championships.

FORE’ ON TOP IN KZ1. After the spotless victory obtained by Max Verstappen (CRG-Tm) in Genk’s first KZ1 Final on Saturday, which crowned him WSK Euro Series 2013 Champion, on Sunday honours were all for Davide Forè, who was racing with CRG colors for the Polish team DTK. The Italian driver on CRG-Tm prepared by Dal Dosso, started from the front row and cruised to the victory since the beginning as his lead was never questioned after the initial laps of a race that saw again Davide Forè under the spotlight and more competitive than ever. CRG’s dominion was completed by Jonathan Thonon, on CRG-Maxter, who obtained a very good second place while also setting the fastest lap of the race on a circuit where he was crowned world champion for the fourth time in 2011. The Belgian driver managed to get the third place of the final standings, a result awarding his competitiveness and strong determination.
INCREDIBLE VERSTAPPEN. Max Verstappen deserves a special reference as he won the championship thanks to Saturday’s Final win but then suffered an engine failure in the first heat on Sunday and therefore was forced to recover ground to the rivals in the second racing day. The exceptional shape of the young Dutch driver was confirmed in Sunday’s Final when he started from the 14th (!) place of the grid and later on recovered all the positions and joined the two colors companions on top of the race. Unfortunately in one race phase Verstappen was bumped by a rival that partially bent his rear bump. Quite incredibly he tried to fix the problem while still in the race and managed to get rid of the piece of plastic touching is rear wheel.

Race direction waved the technical flag at Verstappen to call him back to the pits but withdrew it a lap later as the situation seem to be back to normal. After the truly deserved podium, following some complaints filed by the fourth classified (what one wouldn’t do for a trophy…), Verstappen has been excluded by the classification as his rear bumper at the end of the race did not comply with the original dimensions. Classification wise this was not a problem though, as the championship was already secured and Verstappen certainly put in an historic race no matter what. PEX’S RECOVER. Good indications came also from the other CRG drivers racing in KZ1. Jorrit Pex, on track with team CRG Holland, produced a good recover from the back of the grid to the sixth final place. Pex ended fifth in the championship. Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-Parilla), put in a good performance too as he crossed the finish line in seventh in Final-2 after a series of battles with his rivals. Fabian Federer (CRG-Modena) had some setup headaches and ended race-2 in 17th place instead. Five CRG drivers ended the championship within the top ten: 1. Verstappen, 3. Thonon, 5. Pex, 9. Forè, 10. Lennox.
TROUBLED WEEKEND FOR TIENE. Quite tough weekend for CRG drivers racing in KF, with Felice Tiene (CRG-Parilla) suffering several engine problems after an incident in one of Saturday’s heats that fortunately did not leave physical consequences on the driver. Tiene kept on racing in the final phase but in the Pre-Final and in the Final he was unfortunately forced to an early retirement. That was a rial pity as he could have aimed to the top spots in the classification instead of finishing sixth. Alex Palou (CRG-Parilla) was penalized by 10 seconds in the Pre-Final. In the Final the Spanish driver recovered all the way to the 14th place showing once again a good adaptation to the higher category.
Good performance also for the other Spanish driver, Pedro Hiltbrand Aguilar, on LH-Tm belonging to team LH Racing, who obtained a very good second place in the Pre-Final. A chassis setup modification in the Final turned out to be wrong and he ended the race in seventh place after an early lead in the initial stages.
DIONISIOS LOOKING AT THE EUROPEN CHAMPIONSHIP. The first weekend with CRG in KF Junior for the strong Romanian driver Marcu Dionisios (CRG-Parilla) has been mean with satisfaction especially due to the fact that an electrical problem did not give him the chance to take part in qualifying. Dionisios’ weekend was very complicated as he had to start from the back of the grid and ended in the Pre-Final. Dionisios will certainly have the chance to counter-charge in the next round of the European KF and KFJ Championships, with the first race scheduled in Alcaniz next June the 16th. The titles of the other categories went to Riccardo Negro (DR-Tm) in KZ2.

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