cik championnat d'europe kf alcaniz 2013 crg verstapen 1

Alcaniz (Spain). CRG obtained a good podium with Max Verstappen in the first round of the European CIK-FIA KF Championship that took place at the Motorland Aragon Circuit of Alcaniz. The Spanish weekend had the whole CRG works team as protagonist in a red-hot summer-start with air temperatures beyond 39 Celsius degrees on Sunday! The final result could have been even better for Verstappen though, who was racing with TM engine, as well as for Felice Tiene, also protagonist with CRG-Parilla on the Spanish track where he secured the fastest lap of the race at the end of a stunning recovery from 30th to final 5th.

VERSTAPPEN AND TIENE IN THE TITLE HUNT. CRG’s exit in Aragona has been very positive as all drivers have shown a very good level of competitiveness both in KF and KF Junior. The Italian squad currently has two drivers well placed in the European KF Championship with good chances in the title hunt.
Max Verstappen has been protagonist in the heats of Alcaniz and despite an incident he managed to get an easy win in his Pre-Final. In the Final he had a technical problem that made him lose some ground to the front-runners, the two Danish drivers Nielsen and Sorensen, but managed afterwards to recover all the way to challenge Sorensen for the second place in the finale. While Verstappen proved to be one of the main protagonists of the top bunch, Felice Tiene completed the deed of recovering 25 positions — from 30th all the way to the final 5th place. From what seen on track and certified by the clocks (he set the fastest lap), Tiene would have had concrete chances to get the win. Unfortunately, when holding the third position in the Pre-Final, he was hit by Barnicoat in an overtaking attempt that did not end well for Tiene nor for the British driver. Should Tiene have started the Final from the second row, we would have probably heard the Italian anthem on the podium.
LENNOX STOPPED BY THE CHAIN. The other CRG’s top driver, Jordon Lennox-Lamb racing on CRG-Bmb, showed good speed and great shape, but a technical problem to the chain of his kart did not allow him to complete that recovery started in the Final with a stunning getaway. Solid 14th place for the home driver Alex Palou Montalbo instead, on CRG-Parilla; the Spaniard started from the last spot of the grid after a series of difficulties he had to face for the whole weekend. In KF Junior the Romanian Marcu Dionisios (CRG-Bmb) ended 16th putting in a good recover in a weekend that started steep for the CRG driver. He showed anyway a good level of competitiveness and a performance growth. Martijn Van Leeuwen completed the podium of KF Junior.

CRG kart / LH kart

PARILLA engines / TM engines

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