CRG : Championnat DKM Hahn-Hunsrück 2013

Jorrit Pex the DKM Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft crg kz2

Third win in a row for CRG and Jorrit Pex in the German championship. The young Dutch driver secured the title one race early thanks to a win and a second place on the circuit of Hahn/Hunsrück in Germany. Forè off track in final one, but recovered up to the fourth place in Final-2 and is still in the run for the vice-champion title. Final round in Genk next 13 October. The fourth round of the German Karting Championship held in Hahn (Germany) restarted the international activity after the short summer break. The German race run during the weekend of the 18th of August brought good news fro CRG that won for the third time in a row with Jorrit Pex the DKM Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft in KZ2.

PEX’S WINNING STRING. A truly deserved win for the young Dutch driver in force at CRG Holland, that was also worth the victory of the championship one race early thanks to a win in the first final of Hahn and the second place in final two obtained on chassis CRG powered by TM engine.Jorrit Pex’s winning string in the German Championship started with the double win in Ampfing, followed by a win in Wackersdorf and two second places in Kerpen. On the circuit of Hahn/Hunsrück 2012 European KZ1 and WSK Euro Series Champion Jorrit Pex has been perfect throughout, starting from qualifying where he got the pole position leading Davide Forè on CRG-Tm run by the Polish team DTK, to heats where Pex and Forè respectively obtained two wins and one win plus a second place.

WET FINALS WITH A THRILL. The first final of Hahn had rain as the main protagonist that started falling on the track a few minutes to the start. After the tyres change, Jorrit Pex got the lead while Davide Forè halfway through lap one slided off track on the tyres barrier. As the race of the Italian ended there, Jorrit Pex kept running towards a spotless win after leading the whole race.
The second final had a moment at the formation lap when Jorrit Pex was bumped by fellow countryman Kevin Illgen (CRG-Tm), but the episode luckily did not have consequences for Pex other than some little setup problems. Despite the inconvenience Pex managed to stay in the leading group ending behind Illgen, while Davide Forè put in a spectacular recover from the back of the grid up to the fourth place just missing on the podium.
The double podium allowed Jorrit Pex to win the German Championship one race early after winning it already in 2012 (CRG-Tm) and 2011 (CRG-Maxter). Pex reached 179 points in the standings, while Illgen stands at 105, De Conto at 88 and Forè is still in the fight for the second place at 82. The final round of DKM is scheduled for next 13 October in Genk (Belgium).

CRG kart

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