England CRG Max Verstappen World Championship KF  Brandon's karting England CRG Max Verstappen World Championship KF  Brandon's karting Palou_Tiene_Lennox_Brandon England CRG archie tillet World Championship KF  Brandon's karting

CRG and Max Verstappen held the stage in the first round of the World Championship KF in England. Tiene ended 7th and Palou 10th. An incident in the Pre-Final took Lennox out. Nylund ended 17th after a great Pre-Final. Very good race for Tillett in the International KF Junior Super Cup. Stunning victory for CRG and Max Verstappen in the first of the two races of the World Championship KF run in England at Brandon’s karting track. At the International PF circuit of Brandon it has been a quite perfect weekend, one worth the “Guinness World Records” due to the ideal union of a mature – despite the 16 years of age – champion like Max Verstappen and an excellent chassis like CRG and a performing engine like the TM by GFR Engines of the Briton Gordon Finlayson, with which the Italian outfit and the Dutch driver already won the European KF 2013 Championship.

CRG-VERSTAPPEN. CRG and Max Verstappen moved the assault to the victory in Brandon with the pole position, that was followed by a perfect path made by 4 wins out of 4 qualifying heats, the victory in the Prefinal and that in the Final with the satisfaction of the fastest lap of the race. In other words Brandon has witnessed absolute perfection and an unquestionable supremacy !

TIENE AND PALOU IN THE TOP-TEN. The whole CRG works team obtained a good team result that could have been even more round if it were not for a bit of bad luck. Felice Tiene (CRG-Parilla) ended in the top ten with a 7th place that is a bit tight for the Italian driver that confirmed once again his quality in the good Prefinal and the young Spaniard Alex Palou (CRG-Parilla), finished 10th in the Final after being among the fastest in qualifying heats. The Finn Niclas Nylund (CRG-BMB), crossed the finish line in 17th place at the end of a masterpiece recover in the Pre-Final where he recovered from last to P12 with a string of fastest laps. Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-Bmb) could not get the satisfaction he deserved as was quite unlucky on the home circuit. In fact he could not partake in the Final as was put off track by an incident in the Pre-final when was in the top positions. That was a real pity for the British driver that up to that point was among the quickest drivers on track with concrete chances to get on the podium.

TILLETT’S STAR SHINING IN KFJ. In the CIK-FIA Super Cup International race of KF Junior the very young Archie Tillett (CRG-BMB) put in a great performance despite this being his first International race. Fourth after the qualifying heats, the British driver obtained a 13th place with a good recover after the 19th place in the Prefinal due to an incident at the start.

ALL SET FOR ANOTHER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RACE. The second and last round of the World Championship KF will take place on Saturday 23rd November in Bahrain, but the focus of the team is now on another forthcoming round of the World Championship reserved to the two categories with the shift – i.e KZ and KZ2 – scheduled for next 22 September in Varennes (France). CRG will be racing with the works team made by Max Verstappen, Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Felice Tiene, Jonathan Thonon, Fabian Federer and Jorrit Pex. Davide Forè will be racing with the Polish team DTK. Giovanni Martinez will also be present in KZ2.
An attack lineup is therefore all set to racing again for another prestigious World Championship that is also one with great tradition in CRG’s history.

Max Verstappen: “The first laps in the Final have been quite tough, I decided not to push too much to avoid stressing tyres. Afterwards a battle started behind me and I could build some gap which kept increasing as towards the end of the race I could increase my speed. The CRG chassis has been perfect, I virtually did not make any change to it since Friday. The union of the chassis with TM engines by GFR is perfect. I am delighted, but we must not forget that we have another round to run in Bahrain before starting to celebrate the World Championship KF”.

Standings of the World Championship KF after the first round:
1. Verstappen (CRG/Tm) points 25;  5. Stroll (Zanardi/Tm) 11;   7. Tiene (CRG/Parilla) 9;   8. Hiltbrand (LH/Tm) 8;   10. Palou (CRG/Parilla) 6;   12. Joyner (Zanardi/Tm) 4

CRG kart

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