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Marco Zanchetta has been forced to the retirement in Varennes sur Allier’s KZ2 Prefinal as he was hit from behind, while Yannick De Brabander’s race in KZ was stopped by a technical problem. The two Maranello Kart drivers have been among the quickest of the French weekend though.

Varennes sur Allier (France). Premises for a good result for Maranello Kart were all there in Varennes sur Allier’s KZ World Championship and CIK-FIA International Super Cup KZ2 but unfortunately in karting things do not always go smooth as incidents and mechanical failures can always be behind the corner to leave regret for the performance put in up to that moment.

This is what happened last September 22nd on the fast circuit Jean Brun of Varennes, where Maranello Kart’s works driverMarco Zanchetta has been very strong throughout KZ2 qualifying all the way to the Prefinal where a perfect start put him to the lead of the race. Unfortunately, Zanchetta’s race ended shortly after the start when at the first corner he was hit from behind and was forced to rejoin as last. This was a real pity as Zanchetta would have deserved so much more.

The win was at his grasp after the competitiveness and speed shown with the win of two heats and the two second and two third places that gained him a front row start in the Prefinal. Right after the incident, Zanchetta rejoined to track down the top 17 and slide in the Final but after recovering up to P18 a contact with a rival during another overtaking move put the word end to his race.

“First of all we have always been competitive also in this weekend on the chassis Maranello Kart – commented Marco Zanchetta once the disappointment for the missed Final started to fade away – as we quickly solved some setup problems emerged in practice. On Sunday morning we opted for a new solution that seemed to be correct in the warm-up. We were in a strong shape, certainly in position to get the podium but also to race for the victory. I am quite disappointed on the lack of seriousness shown by a lot of people in such an important race. I noticed several unfair behaviours nullifying the real values on the field that would have emerged in this world championship race. Moreover, I believe that Prefinal is quite useless and harmful after running 6  heats as it provides the chance for more incidents, as happened in my case. All this said, I’d like to thank Maranello Kart, Rizzi brothers, Stefano Griggio with SG Race and Alessandro Levratti for the great support provided to me throughout the season. I hope to run some more races before the end of the season as I would like to end the year with a good result.”

A bit of regret at Maranello Kart also for Yannick De Brabander‘s result. The driver has been competing in KZ World Championship with the support of team EGP. The Belgian champion lived a very solid weekend up to the Final where he was forced to the retirement when hunting the front runners after starting from P12. De Brabander produced good qualifying races and the sixth time in his Prefinal raised team’s expectations on him. In fact, his lap-times in the Final where pretty quick but a problem to the engine forced him to give up halfway through.

The other driver defending Maranello Kart’s colors in KZ2 Super Cup was Simone Palazzetti but several problems prevented the Italian driver from reaching to the final stages despite a good level of competitiveness shown during the whole qualifying.

Luca Iannaccone, Maranello Kart: “In the end things did not go as we had hoped for but this is racing. I would like to thank anyway Marco Zanchetta for the great job done during the season, he has always been competitive and obtained top positions in the European Championship and in the WSK Euro Series on our chassis. A thank you goes also to team EGP and Yannick De Brabander; despite competing only in the European Championship and KZ World Championship they have done good things.  We are happy on what obtained, we hoped for more considering out potential, but that is it. This is our first year back to International races and the collaboration with Stefano Greggio made the balance certainly positive”.


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