Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft 2013 DKM ADAC-Kartrennen Genk

Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft 2013 DKM ADAC-Kartrennen Genk

Championnat dAllemagne GENK 2013

Dreifacher_DSKM-Champion_Jorrit_Pex Strahlender_Junioren-Champion_Martijn_van_Leeuwen ZANARDI

KZ2 Course 1

2eme Romkema Ricardo  ZANARDI – TM

5eme Fore Davide  CRG – TM

6eme Pex Jorrit  CRG – TM

7eme Wiggers Symen  CRG – TM

9eme Pex jard  CRG – TM

KZ2 Course 2

2eme Pex Jorrit  CRG – TM

4eme Wiggers Symen  CRG – TM

5eme Illgen Kevin  CRG – TM

6eme Romkema Ricardo  ZANARDI – TM

7eme Pex jard  CRG – TM

10eme Kooijman Finn  CRG – TM

Classement final Championnat d Allemagne KZ2

1er Pex Jorrit  CRG

3eme Illgen Kevin  CRG

4eme Romkema Ricardo  ZANARDI

KF  Course 1

4eme Ellegard Martin – ZANARDI TM

5eme Larsen Larsen – ZANARDI

6eme  Janker Hannes – ZANARDI TM

9eme Marschall Dennis – ZANARDI TM

KF Course 2

5eme Illot Callum – ZANARDI TM

Classement final Championnat d Allemagne KF

2eme  Janker Hannes – ZANARDI

5eme Marschall Dennis – ZANARDI

KFJ Course 1

6eme Viscaal Bent  ZANARDI

11eme Beckmann David  ZANARDI – TM

12eme Pex Stan  CRG – TM

KFJ Course 2

3eme Beckmann David  ZANARDI – TM

6eme van Leeuwen Martijn  ZANARDI – TM

9eme Kuiper Michael  ZANARDI – PARILLA

11eme Pex Stan  CRG – TM

Classement final Championnat d Allemagne KFJ

1er van Leeuwen Martijn  ZANARDI

2eme Beckmann David  ZANARDI

CRG kart – ZANARDI kart

TM engines – PARILLA engines

In the fifth and final round of the German Championship held in Genk, Jorrit Pex strenghtened his first place in the final standings of KZ2 with a podium in race-2. Davide Forè unlucky in both finals after an excellent start in qualifying and heats.

Jorrit Pex celebrated in the best possible way his third consecutive title in KZ2 of the DKM Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft during the final round of the German Championship held at the Circuit of Genk. The driver in force at team CRG Holland got the mathematical certainty of being a champion one race early in Hahn and strenghtened his lead with a good second place in Final-2 after leading the way in qualifying and heats.


Jorrit Pex got the satisfaction of obtaining the fourth pole position of the season in Genk confirming himself to be very quick in all the circumstances on his CRG chassis powered by TM. Pex also won two qualifying heats and therefore he was on the front row of the first final but on a soaking wet race track his start was not perfect and the CRG drivers was pushed to the back. He later on recovered on the dry tarmac, putting the hammer down and started a series of very quick laps (he also set the fastest lap of the race) until reaching the second place behind De Conto who also won the first final. Thanks to the points harvested in Genk Jorrit Pex confirmed his leadership with 188 points, followed by Illgen (CRG) at 110.
“I am happy on my performance at the last DKM race in Genk – said a glowing with happiness Jorrit Pex – as in the first day I got the pole position and won both my heats. In the first final the heavy rain spoiled a bit my race and I lost a few positions in the first lap but then I recovered up to the sixth place. In the second final weather conditions were better and I ended second. I am really proud on being the KZ2 German Champion for the third year in a row!”


Davide Forè has been a bit unlucky in this occasion. He obtained a promising third place in qualifying behind Pex and De Conto, followed by two second places in qualifying heats. He obtained the fifth position in the first final after an incident a third into the race while he was pushing for the second position. Forè later on put in a good recover and set also the fastest lap of the race in the final laps. Forè has been hit at turn one of the first lap in the second Final, but managed to keep on going and finished 17th, a result that earned him the sixth place in the championship. Ahead of this race the third place of the absolute standings was at reach of Forè.
“I would like to thank team DTK – said Davide Forè – for all the support they gave me to run the German Championship as well as to all technicians that helped me. I have always been very quick and also in Genk, but things did not go as I had hoped. As regarding the German Championship, my main disappointment is about the outcome of the races held in Wackersdorf and Hahn, where I had good chances of victory. I am very happy anyway on the result of the season.”

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