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1. Winning the CIK-FIA World Championship was not just a stroke of luck. In England Joyner was running second when a technical problem put him out of the games (a piece of rubber got caught in the disc caliper and blocked the wheel). So if in this last round the misfortune of rivals turned into Joyner’s luck, back in Brandon the blind goddess surely was not working to help him!
2. All in all in the top non-shifter category Chiesa Corse has won three World titles in the last four years (in 2012 the team chose to sit out of the championship for a disagreement about some organizational aspects). The two previous titles were won with Nyck De Vries, one of the greatest karting talents of these past few years and now already a McLaren driver. This year, instead, Chiesa Corse wins with an outsider, a clear sign that its vehicles are able to adapt to the driving abilities of any kind of driver. Not perchance, Lance Stroll, the other driver racing with a Zanardi kart, closes the title hunt in 6th place, proving to be the best rookie of the World championship. Thanks to his performance (in Bahrain he was set back by a breakdown in the prefinal), the Ferrari Driver Academy driver has made a great leap towards an auto racing career. The two drivers are the best couple of the World Championship (with Zanardi chassis).

3. Chiesa Corse collaborates with TM Racing only from time to time. And it is in great part thanks to this partnership that TM has won its first World title of the KF engine era. Congratulations!

Joyner Tom – KF
At the beginning of the round the English driver’s qualifying time does not arouse expectations for a “world result”. Tom Joyner places almost mid-way down the charts (13°), then in the direct matches he doesn’t do bad (9th, 7th, 4th), but not that well either considering the field is made of experienced drivers. One wonders if his title victory is just a lucky strike. In a way it is, since for sure the elimination of Max Verstappen and Nicklas Nielsen in the final helps the English driver. Yet, if we look at the point charts carefully (numbers don’t lie), we will notice Joyner’ best lap in the first heat and his steady improvement throughout the other races. The driver, in fact, has the determination and grit to grab 4th place on grid for the start of the prefinal. Here he keeps his cool even after the havoc in lap one and climbs all the way to 2nd place. Then in the feature final, once his two rivals are out, he leads the race until the end – keeping an insane pace that others cannot match – and wins the world title, getting his due back from his unlucky race in Brandon.

Stroll Lance – KF
The position he starts from after the qualifyings (24th) is not good; it is tough to do well in these conditions. Through the heats, however, Stroll does a great job of rising (15th, 13th, 9th) and conquers 10th place on the start grid for the prefinal. Unfortunately, his engine fails on the very the first lap and forces him to withdraw, compromising the final outcome of his race. If it hadn’t been for the breakdown, in fact, the Canadian could have contended the title with his teammate. In the final, despite a start from the rear, Stroll displays all his talent anyways, climbing all the way to 10th.

Beckmann David – KFJ
He is 26th in the qualifyings and 25th after the heats. In the prefinal he opts for a new set of tires and this proves to be a winning strategy, since he scores the best lap. Despite a move that goes against the trend followed by most of the drivers on track, Beckmann also manages to be ultra-fast in the final, where he races with only two new tires. He again scores the best lap of the race. Unfortunately, confusion ensues in the rear of the field and relegates him to a twenty-second place finish.


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