crg tinini group cik fia prize 2013


CRG and Tinini Group’s drivers got a lot of trophies in the CIK-FIA Awards Ceremony organized by WSK Promotion. Verstappen and Lennox have been protagonists on CRG, Joyner on Zanardi and Antonsen on DR. CRG is also going to get some more trophies in the forthcoming WSK ceremony to be held in Adria. Meanwhile, CRG and all its production will be present at the fair of Offenbach (Germany) in the weekend of 18 and 19 January. After the stunning season 2013, the time came for CRG and its drivers to receive the official awards by the international sportive authority for the results scored last year. Following the awards given by FIA a few weeks ago in Paris, CIK-FIA and its President Shaikh Abdulla Bin Isa Al-Khalifa have celebrated the karting champions in the prize ceremony organized by WSK Promotion in the fascinating Spazio Antologico of the East End Studios in Milan. CRG and the brands connected to Tinini Group monopolized the scene of the ceremony. The highest number of applauses went to the young Dutch Max Verstappen, who has been the absolute protagonist of the season with the victories in the KZ World Championship, in the KZ and KF European Championships and the third place in the KF World Championship. His British team mate at CRG, Jordon Lennox-Lamb, was also celebrated for his third place in the KZ World Championship and the other Briton, Tom Joyner, for winning the KF World Championship on Zanardi. The Norwegian driver Emil Antonsen on DR got the award reserved to the winner of the KZ2 European Championship instead. CRG and Tinini Group collected therefore a lot of trophies in Milan, which confirmed the superiority shown on track at all European circuits, as well as on the Bahrain racetrack, where the competitive qualities of CRG, Zanardi and DR chassis turned out to be victorious in all occasions. Max Verstappen has been the star of the evening as during the season he has managed to authoritatively win the World Championship (in Varennes, France) and the European Championship (in Wackersdorf, Germany, and Genk, Belgium) in KZ on CRG with TM engine prepared by his dad Jos Verstappen. In KF he has been racing on CRG with TM engine prepared by GFR Engines instead, and managed to win the European Championship after the two rounds of Alcaniz (Spain) and Ortona (Italy). The Dutch driver also classified third in the KF World Championship run in England at the PF International Circuit and in Bahrain. Jordon Lennox-Lamb has been the other CRG works driver celebrated in Milan. In fact he received the prize for the third place obtained on CRG-Parilla in the KZ World Championship held in Varennes, where he ended behind team mate Max Verstappen. Meanwhile, CRG will be present at the traditional appointment of the Offenbach’s Fair in Germany with its production this coming weekend, but it will also be present in Adria on Saturday for the awards ceremony organized again by WSK Promotion to celebrate the WSK champions.

CRG kart / ZANARDI kart / DR kart

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