The Zanardi Strakka Racing Team gets two great second places, one in KZ with Dreezen and the other in KF with Ilott, followed by Joyner in 3rd

After the Italian and Spanish rounds, the CIK-FIA European Championship went to Genk for the third round of the KF and the inauguration of the KZ title hunt. Zanardi Strakka Racing made the podium once again, for the third time in a row


Tom Joyner
Tom Joyner has a lead role on the high end of the title hunt in the top non-shifter class. Winner of round two in Spain, in Genk the English driver is 10th fastest on Friday. Bad luck in the first heat (where he ends 16th, despite driving the best lap) he is 13th on grid at the start of his prefinal (PF1). Here the defending World Champion draws on his expertise and climbs up 7 positions, closing 6th. Then, in the event that most matters for the championship, Joyner is back to being the driver we know so well, the driver who is able to concretize the best result possible in any kind of situation, even the most complicated. At the finish-line he is third behind his teammate and in full reach for the title: he is now 3rd in the championship standings.

Callum Ilott
In Belgium Callum Ilott wants to make amends for the negative outcome of the Spanish round. He “warms up” by clocking out 4th, then collects back to back victories in his three qualification heats. Not satisfied, the English driver also runs the fastest lap in the heat one and, of course, conquers pole position for the prefinal. The race doesn’t assign points and is thus a great chance to test technical options for the final, where, instead, there are “heavy” points up for grabs. Ilott ends 2nd and earns a front row start next to the poleman for the final. Backed by his prefinal result, in the main race Ilott goes back to being the kid we saw in the heats. Actually, he does even better. He grabs the lead and flies off to a comfortable win, leaving rivals behind. Then, bad luck strikes: some contenders cut across the track and leave dirt and debris in their wake. Callum is the first to
sweep through the debris, messing up his tires and getting the track “clean” for those who follow. He thus gets the worst of it, in terms of impact on performance. He loses the lead to his closest rival and has to settle for a second place finish and a dose of bitterness, also considering how close his phenomenal speed (53.889) is to that of the winner (54.009). Ilott is now 2nd in the title hunt, just 9 points behind the leader.

Rick Dreezen
In the top class of gearbox karting, the KZ, the local driver starts the European title hunt on an absolutely good note, confirming his competitiveness from the get-go. Ninth after the qualifyings, in heat one he gets a 4th place finish that doesn’t reflect his full potential. In fact, in the second and last heat on schedule for the KZ, Dreezen smokes the competition and flies off to victory, securing 2nd place on grid for the final. Here he does a great start and momentarily grabs the lead, then he slips back into the chase and closes 4th. In the final, Dreezen again starts off strong and by lap 2 is already running second. Once here, he hangs on until the end, clocking out just 64 thousandths slower than the best lap. As hard as he tries, he doesn’t catch up to the race leader, but he does get a fantastic 2nd place finish. This is a remarkable result, considering that 2014 marks the first year of collaboration for the Dreezen-Zanardi-Parilla trio in the KZ, a class that is “on fire” in terms of performance levels.


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