The list of CRG drivers to compete in Sarno’s world champs

CRG_KZ_Jordon_Lennox CRG_KZ2_Sabre_Cook

CRG works team and a big number of privateers will challenge each other in the KZ World Championship and in the International Super Cup KZ2 to be held in Sarno next 12 October. The works team will also field the American driver Sabré Cook, who will be at her debut in a CIK-FIA World Championship.

CRG works team will line up a great team in Sarno for the KZ and KZ2 World Championship, with several top-drivers and some interesting new entries. All the drivers are ready to showcase the quality of CRG material that has always been on top of the two gearbox categories KZ and KZ2, that are the most performing of karting and those that excite more interest among fans.

The official CIK-FIA entry list features a solid number of entrants in Sarno, as 43 drivers will be fighting for the KZ World Championship and 105 for the KZ2 Super Cup, in a challenge that announces to be again top class and that this year will be housed by an exceptional stage like the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno.


Among CRG top-drivers to compete in KZ, KZ2 2012 World Cup Winner Jordon Lennox-Lamb (#5) will make it to the start after being fifth this year in the European KZ Championship. The five times World Champion in direct drive karts Davide Forè (#16) and KF2 2012 World Cup Winner Felice Tiene (#36) will also partake in the race, both on CRG-Maxter.

CRG Holland will line up Jorrit Pex (#6), on CRG-Tm, who has been European KZ1 Champion in 2012 and sixth this year in the KZ European Championship, as well as the quick Henri Kokko (#18), on CRG-Parilla.

CRG works team KZ2 line up contains 2011 KZ2 European Champion Fabian Federer (#103), who has been fourth in the classification this year. He will be joined by the Venezuelan driver Sidney Gomez (#145), by the Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand (#146) and by Giovanni Martinez (#147), all on CRG-Maxter.

Alongside the top drivers on which CRG works team will place its bets to bring home another world success, the Italian outfit will also line up some new entries in KZ2, among which the beautiful and talented American Sabré Cook, who will make her debut in an international race of this level after several important results obtained in the US.
In Sabré Cook’s showcase are the 6 wins in the Colorado’s championship, two International USA TAG Junior titles, one TAG USA Iame Senior, one S2 title at the Skusa Internationals, the second place in Las Vegas’ S2 and other strong results.

CRG will also take some other drivers at the debut with the works team in the KZ2 World Championship: namely, the Swiss André Reinhard and the American Joey Wimsett, both on CRG-Maxter.


A lot of privateers will also represent CRG. Among these, the new European KZ2 Champion Andrea Dalè will get on track on CRG-Maxter. Several other drivers will make it to the start at Sarno on CRG chassis and will play their chances to get the title, among which Loris Spinelli (#201 CRG-Maxter) who is one of the protagonists of the Italian Championship. The German driver Maik Siebecke (#105 CRG-Modena), the Dutch drivers Stan Pex (#122 CRG-Tm) and Symen Wiggers (#150 CRG-Tm), the Portuguese Rui Miguel Costa Carneiro (#174 CRG-Tm), the Canadian Phillip Orcic (#189 CRG-Tm), the Spaniard Oliver Enrico Prosperi (#194 CRG-Tm), the American Christian Schureman (#197 CRG-Tm), and the Italians Marco Pastacaldi (#190 CRG-Tm), Matteo Mazzucchelli (#178 CRG-Tm), Mattia Loddo (#185 CRG-Tm), Luigi Musio (#187 CRG-Tm) and Mauro Simoni (#200 CRG-Tm) will also be at the start of this important appointment.

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