dr kart sarno 2014

DR grabs the KZ2 title and confirms its place as number one in this class. It has been a while now since the team managed by Danilo Rossi is at the top of the cadet gear class category. Already in Sarno, in 2012, there were several hints to show our success, when 2 drivers, Atones and Negro grabbed podium places after the world final. It didn’t take long for the win to come; in 2013 it took home the KZ2 European Championship win. After that, the aim was to climb to the top and get the KZ2 Super Cup win, which is the top CIK FIA achievement on a world wide level; all this goes to confirm the firm’s escalation in a matter of few years.
Danilo Rossi underlines the fact that this is a team win.

Our kart has always been protagonist over these last few seasons in all the national and international events thanks to the support of our retailers. This last season , besides the results in Sarno, we did well in the European Championship too and also in the KFJ World Cup, especially with Petrov Artem, a Russian driver and Italy’s Alex Irlando, we have always been very competitive despite the fact that due to a series of things we didn’t actually manage to get the results we expected.”

Van Der Burgt has proved to be the best driver in this series, I am however, also satisfied with Davies’ performance, very good in climbing up from grid 24 to grab tenth place after the final. Giametta and Alaimo (Team TomRacing) weren’t so lucky, on their first international experience they were held back by a series of incidents.”

Which is the team’s strong point?
Clear ideas on the work that needs doing. My collaborators and I plan and decide on what to do without bothering about the others. We decided to do the pre-world championship test so that our drivers would get to know the track, while kart kart set up was very reassuring for us. A special thank you goes to Massimo Greco the team’s engine tuner who allowed us to make the most of the power delivered by the engines at the most crucial part of the track near Naples with constancy in performance lap after lap.

What did you think of Van der Burgt?
Ryan is the icing on the cake. His performance during the prefinal was fantastic. To be honest, that was the race that made the difference, because the final was more straightforward… He is fast, presses hard on accelerator and above all, he was always off to a good start.

What are DR’s future aims?
Continue to develop the material and offer our retailers more services so as to get more improved results. Just like this year we have been successful in KZ, now we are looking to get better results in KF and in the Rotax series, where we have good development synergy with the Austrian team VPD.

DR kart


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