Lorenzo Camplese maranello kart kz2 sarno Lorenzo Camplese maranello kart kz2
Maranello Kart on the podium with a great 2nd place of Camplese to the World Championship KZ2.
Incredible performance for Bernardotto and good but unfortunate for Zanchetta.
The highly anticipated race of the season that saw protagonist Lorenzo Camplese for the all the weekend was held at the International Circuit of Napleso where our Racing Team has been able to highlight the potential of the material.
Lorenzo fresh from the triumph of the Italian Championship in Sarno comes with all the papers in order to be able to do well and win in Sunday’s final a great 2nd place framing and finishing the season in the best way.
Good performance of Marco Zanchetta that suffers a bit at the beginning of the race but in the end he knows back on top winning a good 9th place in the final starting grid, where after a few laps from the beginning he was involved from Dalè in an accident that will force him to abandon the race.
A great race for Bernardotto Enrico falling from a bad accident that forced him to retire from racing throughout the season. Enrico was able to come back in great shape and showed that the excellent quality that saw him command the free pratics whole week, then being penalized by an incident where he started in the prefinal 9th and where as a result of an accident could not enter the final .
Unlucky Palazzetti Simone, who due to a penalty incurred fails to qualify for the final.


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