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Jordon Lennox confirmed to be very quick in KZ2 and obtained a good fifth place on CRG-Maxter. Felice Tiene put in a good comeback race in KF, as Dionisios Marcu. Alex Quinn strong in KFJ, while Leonardo Marseglia got a podium in Mini.

The brand new track Adria Karting Raceway closed WSK season 2014 as well as that of CRG Racing Team, that archived a year full of emotions and competitiveness in all categories.

While waiting to prepare the new year that announces to be rather interesting due to several technical advancements and to an even more competitive team, CRG had all his driver under the spotlight in Adria, starting from Jordon Lennox-Lamb in KZ2, who has been protagonist and combative as usual on the 1.302 meters of the circuit of Adria making good display of the quality of CRG chassis and of the evolution of Maxter engine, a pairing that is destined to award a lot of success to the Italian outfit.


Lennox obtained a good P5 in the Final after showing a good speed for the whole weekend: P2 after heats and P3 in the Prefinal. Started very well also in the Final, Lennox had to concede some positions during the race though and from the starting P2 he ended 5th, even though he kept the pace of the front runners posting the second quickest time of the race in 48.077.


Felice Tiene in KF awarded the usual emotions and never gave up despite a double technical problem that forced the Italian to put in a comeback after qualifying heats. Tiene had to start the Prefinal from the back, but managed to climb all the way to P10. In the Final, he kept his momentum, recovering up to the 6th place. He therefore managed to score another strong performance that made justice to a good technical performance and to the unquestionable qualities of a winning driver like Felice Tiene.

A very good performance was also put in by Dionisios Marcu in KF. He has been involved in an incident in the Prefinal and then has been superlative in the Final, where he managed to climb all the way from last to a brilliant P10. The Final was won by Basz from Fewtrell to Van Leeuwen. The fourth place went to Nicklas Nielsen and the fifth to Kevin Rossel.


A strong confirmation in KF Junior came from the young Alex Quinn, who was 9th at the flag after a very tight Final with the CRG driver in the slipstream of the leading pack after starting from P15. The Final was won by Martono from Sargeant to Leonardo Lorandi. The other CRG driver, Archie Tillett, had a bit of bad luck in the Prefinal and he just missed on gaining access to the Final.


CRG has been represented by team Gamoto in 60 Mini and all the 5 entered drivers made it to the Final. Leonardo Marseglia experienced the joy of the podium thanks to the third place behind Bogdanov and Serravalle. The Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger ended fourth, but he could have got on the podium if he were not stuck in the heat of the final stages of the race. The Malaysian driver Muizzuddin Bin Abdul Gafar has always been fighting with the front runners and ended in P7. Regarding the other two color bearers of team Gamoto, Muhammad Sidqi ended 22nd while Morocco’s Souleimane Zanfari 33rd.

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