CRG_60_Mini_Dennis_Hauger_FMP_9134 CRG_KF_Van_Leeuwen_FMP_9314 CRG_KF_Van_Leeuwen_FMP_9339 CRG_KZ2_Simo_Puhakka_FMP_9542

Simo Puhakka gets his first podium for CRG in KZ2, very good fifth place for Davide Forè. Paolo De Conto forced to the retirement. Martijn Van Leeuwen third in KF at the end of a good comeback race. Problems for Felice Tiene and Pedro Hiltbrand instead. Dennis Hauger and team Gamoto third in 60 Mini. Three podiums, and three spectacular ones too. This is the reward for CRG at the Adria International Raceway’s first round of the WSK Super Master, thanks to Simo Puhakka in KZ2, Martijn Van Leeuwen of team CRG Keijzer Racing in KF and Dennis Hauger of team Gamoto in 60 Mini.

GREAT PODIUM FOR SIMO PUHAKKA IN KZ2 The Finn Simo Puhakka put in a stunning performance in KZ2 on CRG-Maxter. The new CRG works driver that joined the team in 2015 unleashed himself in the Final, after the sixth place in his Prefinal. Started from the eighth spot of the grid, Puhakka managed to recoup all the way to a truly deserved podium in the Final following Ardigò and the Spaniard Pescador. In his charge to the podium, Puhakka also overtook his team mate Davide Forè (great in this event). The third place of Puhakka and the fifth of Forè in KZ2 have been very good results for CRG at the end of a quite difficult weekend. Paolo De Conto had to retire from the Final due to a puncture after suffering some blistering in the Prefinal. Fabrizio Rosati also experienced some problems with the tires and could not make it to the Final, while Fabian Federer could not find a place for the Final either, due to some technical problems. Andrea Dalè, also on CRG-Maxter, ended in 14th place. De Conto conceded himself the satisfaction of posting the quickest time of the Final though, which which is a good indication of the competitiveness of the chassis, engine and driver.


Good news in KF came from the Dutch driver Martijn Van Leeuwen of team CRG Keijzer Racing. He lived a great weekend ended on a high after losing a lot of positions halfway through the Final and promptly getting them back ending with the third place behind the winner Basz and Nielsen. Dionisios Marcu had to stop due to a technical problem, which was a pity as the Romanian driver had produced a good weekend up to that point. Felice Tiene and Pedro Hiltbrand experienced a weekend to be forgotten, as they were hit by several problems also in the Prefinal, Tiene saw his tire unstuck from the rim, while Hiltbrand had a problem to the engine and they were both excluded from the Final. The German driver Hannes Janker of team TB Motorsport ended ninth, while Archie Tillett took an honest 18th position.


A contact in KF Junior’s Prefinal heavily penalized the Malaysian driver Muizzuddin Musyaffa Bin Abdul Gafar of team Gamoto, when he was among the front runners. Muizzuddin could not get access to the Final. Things went much better for CRG and team Gamoto with the Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger, who ended third in the Final at the end of a race that he could have won. The victory went to Michelotto from Muller. The other CRG driver in force at Gamoto, Leonardo Marseglia ended fifth in the Final after winning his Prefinal.

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