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KF – Finale

2ème Joyner, Tom (ZANARDI / TM)

3ème Tiene, Felice (CRG / PARILLA)

4ème Janker, Hannes (CRG / PARILLA)

5ème Van Leeuwen, Martijn (CRG / TM)

KF – series 1

2ème Joyner, Tom (ZANARDI / TM)

KF – Series 2

1er Tiene, Felice (CRG / PARILLA)

2ème Lessennes, Benjamin (CRG / PARILLA)

7ème Van Leeuwen, Martijn (CRG / TM)

KF – Series 3

6ème Janker, Hannes (CRG / PARILLA)

8ème Pits, Andry (ZANARDI / TM)

KFJ – Finale

9ème Quinn, Alex (CRG / PARILLA)

KFJ – series 2

8ème Jonusis, Justas (DR kart / TM)

11ème Muizzuddin Musyaffa, Bin Abdul (CRG)

KFJ – Series 3

6ème Lazzaroni, Filippo (DR kart / TM)

CRG kart / ZANARDI kart / DR kart

PARILLA engines / TM engines

CRG has been protagonist with Felice Tiene who ended third after being among the quickest throughout the weekend at the first round of the CIK-FIA European Championship in KF, race held in Portimao (Portugal). Lessennes made his debut with CRG works team.

CRG has climbed on Portimao’s podium at the opener of the European KF Championship thanks to a great Felice Tiene who has been an excellent protagonist of the whole weekend that highlighted once again the quality of CRG Gem Star chassis in the first of the three CIK-FIA appointments.

Alongside the works team driver Felice Tiene, a good performance was also put in by the German Hannes Janker of team TB Motorsport, who ended fourth in the Final and by the Dutch Martijn Van Leeuwen of team CRG Keijzer Racing who claimed a great P5.

The other CRG works from Spain Pedro Hiltbrand could not make it to the track as he is still suffering of rib pain since the last European KZ2 race held in Sarno. Hiltbrand has been replaced by the Belgian driver Benjamin Lessennes in this occasion.


The positive momentum of Felice Tiene continued in Portimao. Following the dominion in KF at the WSK Super Master of Sarno last 26 April, the third place in the European KZ2 in Sarno on 19 April and the third place in the WSK Super Master KF race held in La Conca last 12 April, Felice Tiene and CRG material have been very quick also in Portimao where the driver secured a good P3 in qualifying, the second place after the heats (with two wins), the seventh place in Prefinal and a splendid podium in the Final after a brilliant comeback race completed in the initial laps. Thanks to this result, Felice Tiene confirms to be in the fight for the KF title of the European Championship alongside that of KZ2.


Some other drivers on CRG chassis have been very competitive in the KF Final of Portimao. Among these, the German driver Hannes Janker of TB Motorsport, who put in a great comeback race in the Prefinal ending second and closing his effort in the fourth place of the Final, right behind Tiene. The Dutch Martijn Van Leeuwen of team CRG Keijzer Racing also put in a great comeback after a troubled start. He ended third in the Prefinal (setting also the quickest lap of the race) and was fifth in the Final.

Benjamin Lessennes, at the debut with CRG works team, has been protagonist for the best part of the weekend until the Final, where he had to concede several positions and to end 24th. Lessennes has been shining in qualifying where he secured P8, before being 15th after the heats and 13th in Prefinal.

The British driver Archie Tillett could not get access to the Final in KF as he had been forced to run the second chance race that he ended in P13.


In the KF Junior European Championship the young British driver Alex Quinn also put in a good performance on the CRG KT2 chassis, completing a nice recoup after some initial hiccups. Quinn secured P4 in the second chance race, recovered then up to P21 in the Prefinal and to the 9th place of the Final. The Malaysian driver Muizzuddin Musyaffa Bin Abdul Gafar has been racing in KF Junior with team Gamoto and had to give up at the start of the second chance race due to a failure at the starter.

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