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Paolo De Conto secured a good success in Genk’s KZ2 at the third round of the German Championship. Jorrit Pex, on the podium of Race-2, confirmed to be the classification leader. Janker and Tonteri dominated OK, Dennis Hauger victorious in OK Junior.

Great performances and a lot of victories have been scored by CRG drivers at the Circuit of Genk during the third round of the German Championship DKM: wins by Paolo De Conto in KZ2, by Hannes Janker first and Tonteri later on in OK, and by Dennis Hauger in OK Junior.

The round of Genk highlighted the quality of drivers on CRG chassis in all categories, which is a good and promising premise to the final round of the European Championship that will take place at the end of the month on this very track with all CIK-FIA categories on track: KZ, KZ2, OK and OK Junior.


In KZ2, Paolo De Conto of CRG Holland, after being among the main protagonists of the first final where he claimed P6, unleashed his speed in the second final recovering all the way to take the lead at lap five, before continuing his dominant run taking a very nice victory at the flag. Classification leader of CRG Holland Jorrit Pex also had a strong weekend. He was ninth in race-1 and got on the podium of race-2, securing a third place that allowed him to strengthen his classification lead.

Regarding the other drivers on CRG chassis, Fabian Federer obtained a good 13th place in the first final, Stan Pex was 12th in the second at the end of a comeback started from the back of the grid.

In DMSB Shifterkart Cup of KZ2, the Dutch Max Tubben, who had also dominated the round of Wackersdorf, obtained a great second place in the second final thanks to a spectacular overtaking move at the last lap at the end of a great comeback race. The other CRG Holland’s driver victorious in the round of Ampfing, Symen Wiggers, was sixth this time around in the first final and seventh in the second one.


CRG drivers have been celebrating also in OK. The German Hannes Janker of team CRG TB Racing won the first final, while his team mate and classification leader from Finland Paavo Tonteri, won the second final after the third place in race-1. Tonteri dominated the second final after taking the “baton” from Janker in the lead of the race, winning by a good margin. Janker was fifth in this race proceeding another one of his team mates, Tim Troger. Luca Lippkau was also in the top ten, as he finished race-1 in P8 and race-2 in P9.


The young promising driver of CRG from Norway Dennis Hauger is getting more and more acquainted with the podium. He has already been a great protagonist of international karting and in Genk has been among the absolute quickest, winning the first final and securing a good second place in the second one, race that was run in two fractions due to an incident. Hauger strengthened his position of runner up in the German Championship thanks to these results and closed in on the top of the standings.

The young German Kas Haverkort of CRG Keijzer Racing also obtained a good result in Genk’s OK Junior. He was fifth in the second final recovering from the thirteenth place of race-1.

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