Championnat d’Allemagne DKM Lonato 2017

Championnat d’Allemagne DKM Lonato 2017

DKM/OK – Course 1

1er Hauger, Dennis (CRG / PARILLA)

7ème Meyer, Kilian (CRG / PARILLA)

DKM/OK – Course 2

5ème Hauger, Dennis (CRG / PARILLA)

9ème Tröger, Tim (CRG / PARILLA)

10ème Rosina, Michael (CRG / PARILLA)

DJKM/OKJ – Course 1

1er David, Hadrien (ZANARDI / PARILLA)

3ème Anderrüti, Leandro (MARANELLO / TM)

5ème Haverkort, Kas (CRG / PARILLA)

7ème Van Der Helm, Tijmen (ZANARI / PARILLA)

8ème Bortoleto, Gabriel (CRG / PARILLA)

9ème Sasse, Hugo (CRG / PARILLA)

DJKM/OKJ – Course 2

1er Anderrüti, Leandro (MARANELLO / TM)

2ème Haverkort, Kas (CRG / PARILLA)

7ème Sasse, Hugo (CRG / PARILLA)

8ème Munding, Donar Nils (CRG / PARILLA)

9ème David, Hadrien (ZANARDI / PARILLA)

DSKC/KZ2 – Course 1

1er Bos, Jeroen (CRG / TM  )

3ème Denner, Emilien (KAIKART / TM)

4ème Van Berlo, Kay (CRG / TM)

5ème  Horn, Moritz (CRG / TM)

8ème  Lugli, Mattia (CRG)

9ème Langenbacher, Marvin (CRG / TM)

10ème Kramp, Dennis (CRG / TM)

DSKC/KZ2 – Course 2

1er Bos, Jeroen (CRG / TM  )

4ème Denner, Emilien (KAIKART / TM)

5ème  Horn, Moritz (CRG / TM)

7ème  Lugli, Mattia (CRG)

8ème Van Berlo, Kay (CRG / TM)

DSKM/KZ2 – Course 1

3ème Pex, Jorrit (CRG / TM)

8ème Federer, Fabian (CRG / TM)

9ème Tornqvist, Benjamin (CRG / TM)

10ème Davies, Dylan (CRG / TM)

DSKM/KZ2 – Course 2

5ème Davies, Dylan (CRG / TM)

7ème Pex, Jorrit (CRG / TM)

8ème Federer, Fabian (CRG / TM)

10ème Pex, Stan (CRG / TM)


CRG has claimed three titles with Jorrit Pex in KZ2, Dennis Hauger in OK and Kas Haverkort in OK-Junior at the closing round of DKM held in Lonato.

The German Championship DKM has seen once again CRG having the upper hand an the rivals thanks to several solid results in the closing round held at the South Garda Karting circuit in Lonato, that has ended with Jorrit Pex taking the victory in KZ2 and Dennis Hauger and Kas Haverkort alike, respectively in OK and OK-Junior.

The race in Lonato, that was the debut of the DKM Championship with 170 drivers on track, has been quite tricky due to the weather conditions, but the competitiveness of CRG drivers has been great in all grades.


Jorrit Pex claimed his sixth DKM title in KZ2 on CRG-Tm, after winning it for four years running from 2011 to 2014 and then again in 2016. The Dutch driver of CRG Holland has been among the best since qualifying and heats in Lonato, ending third in Race-1 and securing the title one race early in this way. Jorrit Pex closed Race-2 in seventh place, but with the Championship victory firmly in his hands.

Jorrit Pex commented the victory in this way: “This is has been my sixth championship now. It was a good season, I was on top 3 in eight of the ten races and I scored three victories in the two rounds in Wackersdorf. It has been a good competition in DKM, very good organization, many good drivers and I liked the tracks we used. When it is a good competition of course you like to win, especially for the sixth time. This was the first time in Lonato and it has been very nice, a lot of drivers. Next year the first race will be in Lonato and I think it will be full fields. Very nice.”

Among the quickest in KZ2, Jorrit’s younger brother Stan Pex ended the championship in third position, while SRP Racing Team’s Fabian Federer followed him in fourth. Flavio Camponeschi could not make it to the start of this closing round in Lonato, as he is still recovering from the injuries sustained in the recent World Championship in England and ended the DKM campaign in fifth place. His end result made it 4 CRG drivers in the top 5.

Among the young drivers in force at CRG, Alessandro Giardelli is turning out to very competitive. He has been very quick also in this occasion taking P7 in qualifying and P6 after the heats. The victory of the two finals of Lonato’s closer went to Jeremy Iglesias, who is the runner-up in the championship, and to Matteo Zanchi.


In OK, the Norwegian Dennis Hauger ended his happy experience in karting on CRG-Iame on a high, before switching to car racing next year. Hauger managed to take the championship victory thanks to Race-1’s victory in Lonato, at the end of quite an eventful race. He therefore claimed another DKM title after winning last year’s OK-Junior campaign. Hauger secured the title one race early at the end of Race-1 having the best of his nearest rival David Schumacher, before taking another podium in Race-2 with P5. Hauger has obtained 5 wins in DKM with CRG in this season: one in Kerpen, three in Wackersdorf and the final one in Lonato.

Among CRG drivers, Kilian Meyer has been shining taking P7 in Race-1 in his comeback to karting after a wrist injury, while Tim Troger and Michael Rosina also ended Race-2 in the top ten, as they respectively ended ninth and tenth.