Championnat de France Anneville 2018

Championnat de France Anneville – 08/07/2018



Coupe de France KZ2 Master



5ème VITS ALEXANDRE (DR racing)


Coupe de France KZ2



Coupe de France KZ2 Gentleman


CRG kart     TM racing  – Rotax engines

Kit plaquettes de frein orange avant UP – VEN05 KZ – VEN09 KZ – VEN11 KZ CRG

Kit plaquettes de frein orange avant CRG

Transport inclus France métropolitaine. Kit plaquettes de frein orange avant (4) UP – VEN05 KZ – VEN09 KZ – VEN11 KZ CRG – MARANELLO – ZANARDI – LH – KALIKART – DR racing – etc Frein châssis cadet CRG ZANARDI


Championnat d’Europe OK et OKJ Ampfing 2018

Championnat d’Europe OK et OKJ Ampfing 2018

OKJ – Finale


OK – Finale



CRG kart    TM racing – PARILLA engines

CRG and Gabriel Bortoleto secured a good result in the third round of the European Championship in OK-Junior. In OK, Pedro Hiltbrand had to concede the first place of the classification, as he was ninth in the Final, but the final classifications will be defined in the closer at Essay.

The third round of the CIK-FIA European Championship for OK and OK-Junior took place in Germany, on the 1.063 meters of the circuit in Ampfing.CRG drivers have been shining in both categories also in this round held in Bavaria. The two main contenders, Pedro Hiltbrand in OK and Gabriel Bortoleto in OK-Junior, gave their best to stay close to the top of the classification. The best end result went to Bortoleto in OK-Junior: the quick Brazilian driver secured in fact an important third place, after starting the Final on pole and he now stands second in the Championship. Hiltbrand lacked a little bit of pace instead and lost the classification lead.

BORTOLETO ON THE PODIUM IN OK-JUNIOR. In OK-Junior, Bortoleto claimed a well deserved podium and in truth P3 was quite tight on him due to his performance during the whole weekend in Ampfing. The third place allowed Bortoleto to get the second place of the classification though at 52 points, equal with Minì and only 17 shy of Aron, who claimed his second win in Ampfing reaching 69 points.
The American Tyler Maxson also run the OK-Junior final and closed his effort in 27th place, while Enzo Trulli recovered from 33rd up to 25th. Alfio Andrea Spina and Christian Ho could not qualify due to an incident in the closing heat, while Paolo Gallo could not qualify either on Kalì-Kart. Xizheng Huang could not partake in the race due to the pain coming from a muscle contracture as Nikhil Bohra, who suffered from rib pain.

HILTBRAND HARD-FIGHTER IN OK. In OK, alongside Pedro Hiltbrand, Andrea Rosso also took part in the Final. He could have started higher up on the grid, had he not received a penalty in the first qualifying heat, as Callum Bradshaw who experienced an unlucky retirement in the closing heat. Hiltbrand crossed the finish line in ninth place at the end of a hard-fought race, pipping team mate Andrea Rosso. Callum Bradshaw managed to recover from the back of the grid up to P21. Hiltbrand had to concede the classification lead and is now second 19 points shy of Janker, who won the race thanks to the renounce of marque-mate Travisanutto (who is out of the games anyway), who handed the victory to Janker at the finish line. Regarding the other CRG drivers, Ayrton Fontecha could not qualify for the final, despite a strong qualifying session, Asia Mondino did not qualify either.
The two OK and OK-Junior Championships will reach their conclusion on August 5th in France with the fourth round that will be run in Essay. Classifications are still quite open in both categories, thanks also to the two mandatory discards of the worst results of qualfiying heats and Finals.


Championnat d’Allemagne DKM Ampfing 2018

Championnat d’Allemagne DKM Ampfing 2018

DSKM KZ2 – Course 1 

1er Federer, Fabian (CRG / TM)

2ème Pex, Jorrit (CRG / TM)

4ème Pex, Stan (CRG / TM)

5ème Paul, Maximilian (DR racing)

6ème Tornqvist-Persson, Benjamin (CRG / TM)

DSKM KZ2 – Course 1 

1er Pex, Jorrit (CRG / TM)

2ème Federer, Fabian (CRG / TM)

3ème Pex, Stan (CRG / TM)

7ème Paul, Maximilian (DR racing)

9ème Tornqvist-Persson, Benjamin (CRG / TM)

DSKC (KZ2) – Course 1

1er Denner, Emilien (KALI KART / TM)

2ème Kreutz, Patrick (CRG / TM)

3ème Kamali, Luka (CRG / TM)

4ème Mähler, Tobias (DR racing / TM)

5ème Neumann, Thomas (CRG)

7ème Langenbacher, Marvin (CRG / TM)

8ème Potman, Mark (CRG / TM)

DSKC (KZ2) – Course 2

1er Denner, Emilien (KALI KART / TM)

2ème Kamali, Luka (CRG / TM)

3ème Kreutz, Patrick (CRG / TM)

5ème Mähler, Tobias (DR racing / TM)

6ème Langenbacher, Marvin (CRG / TM)

9ème Potman, Mark (CRG / TM)

10ème Tabakovic, Ronny (CRG / TM)

DKM (OK) – Course 1

7ème Tröger, Niels (CRG /PARILLA)

12ème Haverkort, Kas -CRG / TM)

DKM (OK) – Course 2

4ème Tröger, Niels (CRG /PARILLA)

5ème Rosso, Andrea (CRG / TM)

7ème Haverkort, Kas -CRG / TM)

CRG kart 

TM engines  – PARILLA engines

Jorrit Pex and Fabian Federer kept their dominant momentum in DKM at Ampfing in KZ2. They claimed the victory in the third round of the German series. Emilien Drenner confirmed his lead in KZ2 Cup taking a double win on Kalì-Kart.

The circuit of Ampfing (Germany) has staged the third round of the German Championship DKM and the verdict has been quite net as CRG has shown an overwhelming supremacy in KZ2 with the two wins going to Fabian Federer and Jorrit Pex. Emilien Denner also claimed an excellent result in KZ2 Cup on Kalì-Kart.KZ2. The victory in the first of the two finals in Ampfing in KZ2 went to Fabian Federer on CRG-Tm. Team SRP Racing’s color bearer also secured the pole position and won two heats. Federer won the first final leading CRG Holland’s Jorrit Pex, while his brother and team mate Stan Pex was fourth. CRG Holland’s Benjamin Tornqvist-Persson was also among the quickest ending sixth. CRG domination was confirmed in Race2 as the Italian outfit locked off the top 3. This time around Jorrit Pex won the race from Federer to his brother Stan. Tornqvist ended in the top ten in ninth place. Thanks to this result, six time DKM winner Jorrit Pex confirmed to be the leader of the championship at 148 points, but Federer closed in and is currently only one point shy of the lead. Stan Pex rounds off the CRG top 3 in KZ2, as he stands third at 110 points.

KZ2 CUP. CRG’s supremacy extended also to KZ2 Cup as Emilien Denner led to a fair and square win his Kalì-Kart chassis. Following the third place in qualifying and the pole position after heats, Denner unleashed all his speed in the two finals winning them both. CRG’s result in Race1 was completed by the second place secured by Patrick Kreutz on CRG-Tm run by team RS-Motorsport, and the third by Luka Kamali on CRG-Tm run by TB Racing Team. Thomas Neumann also run a good race ending fifth on CRG-Modena. Marvin Langenbacher of RS-Motorsport closed within the top ten for CRG in P7, leading CRG Holland’s Mark Potman. Denner repeated the victory in Race2 leading Kamali and Kreutz in another all-CRG podium. Langenbacher was sixth, Potman ninth. Denner incremented his lead on top of the classification reaching 178 points. He is currently followed by Mahler (DR-Kartshop Ampfing) at 119 points. Kamali is fourth at 79, Neumann fifth at 71.

CRG drivers used this race in Ampfing eying the CIK-FIA European Championship to be held next June 17th in OK and OK-Junior. Andrea Rosso had a strong Race2 in OK and closed his effort in P5 after a good comeback from the first final where he had been involved in an incident. Niels Troger of RTG Kartsport was fourth, Kas Haverkort seventh on Zanardi. Troger was seventh in final one, Haverkort 12th. Thompson is currently leading the classification at 154 points, Haverkort is third at 103 and Rosso eighth at 58.

The youngsters of CRG in OK-Junior struggled a bit more. Alfio Andrea Spina ended 19th, Tyler Maxson 22nd, Enzo Trulli 24th, while Enzo Scionti was forced to the retirement instead. Spina repeated the 19th place in race two, Trulli was 21st, Scionti 23rd, Maxson 24th. Xizhang Huang could not take part in the finals due the injuries sustained in the warm-up held on Sunday morning.