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Championnat d’Europe OK et OK junior PF International 2018

Championnat d’Europe OK et OK junior PF International 2018

OK – Finale




OKJ – Finale


CRG kart     TM racing

Pedro Hiltbrand and CRG got again on the podium in the second round of the European OK and OK-Junior Championship in England at PFI. This third place is great for the Championship. Bortoleto the best of CRG drivers in OK-Junior.

The second round of the European Championship of OK and OK-Junior has taken place at the spectacular circuit PFI. This difficult track has been quite well tested lately, especially in 2017 when it housed the World Championship. Pedro Hiltbrand has been excellent in OK, especially considering the Championship, and claimed the third place at the end of an exciting finale. This result earned him the classification lead.
HILTBRAND ON THE OK PODIUM. Three CRG drivers managed to qualify for the Final in the OK European Championship at PFI: Pedro Hiltbrand, Callum Bradshaw and Andrea Rosso. This has been a good race, exciting and spectacular, with a super Pedro Hiltbrand taking another podium, after the P2 scored in Sarno. In England, Hiltbrand was third after the disqualification of Travisanutto, who crossed the finish line as first, and the penalty handed to Hodgson, who was third at the flag. Hiltbrand managed to hold P3 during the Final, but then he had to give way to his rivals. This third place, together with the second place obtained in Sarno, boosts Hiltbrand’s confidence for the remaining of the European Championship that he managed to win back in 2016. Callum Bradshaw managed to end in the top-ten in tenth place, while Andrea Rosso was 14th. Hiltbrand was sixth after heats, Bradshaw 14th and Rosso 21st.

Pedro Hiltbrand: “It has been a tough weekend as always, we were struggling a bit after qualifying, but after the heats I was getting closer to the front-runners. I expected more from the Final, it worked quite well for the first six-seven laps but then I was loosing a bit. I want to say thanks to all my team CRG, to TM and my mechanic and congratulations for the fantastic work. We are now going to Ampfing to try and win, of course we need to think about the championship but there are still two rounds to be run. »

In OK, Franco Colapinto had been unlucky having to retire from the closing heat on Sunday and ending only 51st. He therefore could not qualify for the Final. Ayrton Fontecha (46th) could not recover as he would have deserved.

GOOD BORTOLETO IN OK-JUNIOR. It has been a real pity for Gabriel Bortoleto, who represented CRG in the OK-Junior’s final in this second round of the European Championship at PFI. He eventually secured a seventh place that is quite tight on him, considering his performance throughout the weekend. Bortoleto had managed to secure a front row start for the Final after a promising P8 in qualifying, two wins and three second places in the heats. These results were quite promising, but Bortoleto unfortunately lost some ground and had to settle for P8.

Among CRG drivers, Malaysia’s Adam Putera (36th after the heats) did not manage to qualify for OK-Junior’s final, despite some good placings, as happened to Enzo Trulli (37th), who was penalized by the 60th place in qualifying, Alfio Andrea Spina (43°), the Americans Tyler Maxson (56th) and Elio Giovane Gonzales (66th), Leonardo Bertini Colla (59th) and the Chinese Xizheng Huang (61st).

Championnat d’Allemagne DKM Wackersdorf 2018

Championnat d’Allemagne DKM Wackersdorf 2018

DSKM (KZ2) – Course 1

1er Pex Stan (CRG / TM)

3ème Federer Fabian (CRG / TM)

4ème Pex Jorrit (CRG / TM)

12ème Tschentscher Toni (CRG / TM)

DSKM (KZ2) – Course 2

1er Tornqvist-Persson Benjamin (CRG / TM)

2ème Tschentscher Toni (CRG / TM)

4ème Pex Stan (CRG / TM)

5ème Federer Fabian (CRG / TM)

7ème Pex Jorrit (CRG / TM)

DSKC (KZ2) – Course 1

1er Denner Emilien (KALI KART / TM)

4ème Trefilovs Davids (CRG / TM)

5ème Mähler Tobias (DR racing / TM)

7ème Langenbacher Marvin (CRG / TM)

8ème Metz Tim Mika (CRG / TM)

DSKC (KZ2) – Course 2

2ème Mähler Tobias (DR racing / TM)

6ème Langenbacher Marvin (CRG / TM)

7ème Trefilovs Davids (CRG / TM)

9ème Kamali Luka (CRG / TM)

DKM (OK) – Course 1

3ème Haverkort Kas (CRG / TM)

7ème Rosso Andrea (CRG / TM)

12ème Volz Rico (CRG / PARILLA)

13ème Enders Paul (CRG / PARILLA)

DKM (OK) – Course 2

2ème Haverkort Kas (CRG / TM)

3ème Rosso Andrea (CRG / TM)

9ème Tröger Niels (CRG / PARILLA)

DJKM (OK-Junior) – Course 1

9ème Bertini Colla Leonardo (CRG / TM)

DJKM (OK-Junior) – Course 2

12ème Bertini Colla Leonardo (CRG / TM)

CRG kart

TM racing  Parilla engines

Championnat d’Europe KZ et KZ2 Salbris

Championnat d’Europe KZ et KZ2 Salbris

KZ – Finale



KZ2 – Finale


9ème PAUL MAXIMILIAN (DR racing)


CRG kart

TM racing

The first round of the KZ European Championship in Salbris has had an exciting final, as Jorrit Pex ended his race in second place and Paolo De Conto in fourth. Pedro Hiltbrand forced to the retirement from the lead. Top ten finish in KZ2 for Benjamin Tornqvist.

CRG has been a strong protagonist during the opener of the CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 European Championship in Salbris (France), where Jorrit Pex claimed a great P2 in the Final, after dominating the whole weekend, while Paolo De Conto was fourth. These results only partially rewarded the efforts of the Italian outfit, that could have obtained a more round result.KZ. The KZ final lived on an endless series of surprises and CRG drivers have been the the main protagonists throughout the race. A great Jorrit Pex got the lead of the race early on, after dominating practice and all the qualifying heats. He was followed by marque-mate Fabian Federer of team SRP, and by an excellent Pedro Hiltbrand, who has also been protagonist at the European Championship in OK and in Salbris had a great start from the third spot of the grid. Paolo De Conto in this occasion struggled a bit more instead. He started the Final from P6 due to several hiccups in the heats, while Stan Pex was seventh on the starting grid of the final, but recovering ground. Surprisingly, Pedro Hiltbrand installed himself on top early on and at that point CRG had five drivers in the top six.

The situation changed two thirds into the race though, when De Conto, who was third, had to concede his place to Stan Pex, and then Hiltbrand had to retire when only five laps were left to go, handing the lead of the race to Iglesias, who meanwhile had recovered well from the starting P5. Federer also had to retire due to an incident, as happened to Stan Pex, and therefore CRG final result saw only Jorrit Pex closing on the podium in P2 and Paolo De Conto had to settle for P4. The challenge will resume from Lonato for the second and closing round to be held on July 15th with all results are still possible.

KZ2. The best of CRG drivers in KZ2 was the Swede of CRG Holland Benjamin Tornqvist, who has been second in International Super Cup last year and among the quickest in this opener of the European Championship with the final 10th place, while the French Arthur Carbonnel was 15th. Regarding the drivers of the Racing Team, the Swiss Jean Luyet was 18th and the Spaniard Kilian Meyer 24th, while Emilien Denner was handed a penalty on Kalì-Kart after winning the closing heat on Sunday morning. Despite a good result in the closing heat, Alessandro Giardelli missed out on qualifying for the final, as did Gerard Cebrian Ariza, Filippo Berto, Enrico Prosperi, Marco Valenti, Arto Ojaranta and Marc Lopez.


DKM Championnat d’Allemagne – Lonato

DKM Championnat d’Allemagne – Lonato

KZ2 – Course 1

1er Hiltbrand, Pedro (CRG / TM)

2ème Hold, Christoph (MARANELLO)

3ème Federer, Fabian (CRG / TM)

4ème Pex, Jorrit (CRG / TM)

8ème Giardelli, Allesandro (CRG / TM)

11ème Vasile, Daniel (DR racing)

KZ2 – Course 2

2ème Pex, Stan (CRG / TM)

3ème Pex, Jorrit (CRG / TM)

6ème Paul, Maximilian (DR)

10ème Luyet, Jean (CRG / TM)

11ème Peklin, Ivan (MARANELLO/TM)

DSKC/KZ2 Course 1

1er Denner, Emilien (KALIKART / TM)

2ème Mähler, Tobias (DR / TM)

6ème Neumann, Thomas (CRG)

8ème Amati, Giorgio (CRG / TM)

12ème De Santis, Raffaele (CRG / TM)

DSKC/KZ2 Course 2

1er Denner, Emilien (KALIKART / TM)

5ème Neumann, Thomas (CRG)

6ème Mähler, Tobias (DR / TM)

7ème Amati, Giorgio (CRG / TM)

OKJ – Course 1

1er Trulli, Enzo (CRG / TM)

7ème Spina, Alfio Andrea (CRG / TM)

12ème Bertini Colla, Leonardo (CRG / TM)

OKJ – Course 2

4ème Trulli, Enzo (CRG / TM)

5ème Spina, Alfio Andrea (CRG / TM)

9ème Bertini Colla, Leonardo (CRG / TM)

10ème Huang, Xizhang (CRG / TM)

OK – Course 1

4ème Haverkort, Kas (ZANARDI / TM)

5ème Rosso, Andrea (CRG / TM)

OK – Course 2

8ème Haverkort, Kas (ZANARDI / TM)

10ème Rosso, Andrea (CRG / TM)


TM racing

WSK Master Series SARNO

WSK Master Series SARNO

OKJ- Finale


OK – Finale



KZ2 – Finale



9ème MAXIMILIAN PAUL (DR racing)

10ème VASILE DANIEL (DR racing)

CRG kart    MARANELLO kart   TM racing

At the International Circuit Napoli in Sarno, the final classification of WSK Super Master Series saw Bortoleto ending second in OK-Junior, Pedro Hiltbrand fifth due to an excursion in OK and Paolo De Conto third in KZ2.

The performance of CRG drivers at the fourth and closing round of the WSK Super Master Series has been very high in the second weekend in a row at the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno. CRG drivers have been in the fight for the title in all categories and are all set to be protagonist in the forthcoming European CIK-FIA Championships.

GREAT BORTOLETO IN OK-JUNIOR. CRG hopes in OK-Junior were mainly on Gabriel Bortoleto, and the young Brazilian driver has been among the quickest also in this occasion, securing P1 at the end of heats after a troubled qualifying session. The Final run by Bortoleto has been amazing too: he claimed a second place finish, despite starting sixteenth due to an off-track excursion in Prefinal. Bortoleto ended second in the final classification, just one point short of the top, which shows that he is certainly ready to fight among the main protagonists at the forthcoming European Championship, that will kick off from Sarno next April 22nd.

Among the other CRG drivers, Adam Putera was 23rd in the Final, while Alfio Spina has been hit by bad luck despite showing a good growth in Sarno and claiming his maiden pole position in Junior. Resolute to run a good race, Spina was involved in an incident in Prefinal-B which did not allow him to take part in the Final. Xizheng Huang, Enzo Trulli, Tyler Maxson and Elio Giovane could not qualify for the Final either. The Final was won by Paul Aron, while the championship was went to Gabriele Minì.

HILTBRAND LET DOWN BY AN EXCURSION IN OK. Pedro Hiltbrand could not capitalize on the starting P5 on the OK starting grid due to an excursion that made him lose several precious positions in the heat of the first lap. This round has nevertheless been very positive for Hiltbrand, despite an incident in one heat that did not allow him to get a better starting position in Prefinal, which he managed to end with a strong and excellent P3 anyway. Hiltbrand closed the final in fifth place and he was fifth also in the final classification of the championship. Kilian Meyer was 17th in the Final, Ayrton Fontecha 23rd, Andrea Rosso 25th, while Franco Colapinto had to retire due to an incident instead. An incident in Prefinal involved team mates at CRG Callum Bradshaw and Olin Galli. This incident did not have consequences for the two drivers, but both could not qualify for the Final though. Javier Sagrera of Team M2 Racing Karts was 13th in the Final after a strong qualifying. The Final was won by Hannes Janker, who also won the Championship.

DE CONTO VERY COMBATIVE IN KZ2. In KZ2, the most powerful category, Paolo De Conto put in a overwhelming comeback in the closing weekend of WSK Super Master Series. Starting from qualifying practice he has been very strong to halfway through the Final, when he engaged a great duel with Alex Irlando to defend his P2 behind Ardigò. De Conto had to concede his place to Irlando and shortly after also to Hajek, eventually settling for P4. De Conto closed the championship in third place, while the Final and the Championship went Marco Ardigò’s ways. Among the private drivers on CRG, Ciro Mollo has been the quickest in P11, while Alessandro Giardelli of the CRG Racing Team was 14th and Marco Valenti 21st. Andreas Johansson in P20.

GREAT RACE BY MATVEEV IN MINI. One of the main protagonists in Mini on CRG run by Team Gamoto was the Russian Dmitry Matveev, who claimed the pole position and was leading the pack after heats. Matveev ended the Final in 13rd place, after being fourth in Prefinal-A. The Final was won by Martinius Stenshorne, who also won the championship.