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55f5dfe368499CRG_World_Champion_FMP_9605 55f5e0cdd20c9CRG_KZ_De_Conto_Pex_FMP_9623a 55f5e09c9a9e6CRG_KZ_Pex_De_Conto_FMP_9293

Jorrit Pex on CRG-Tm got the title of CIK-FIA KZ World Champion proceeding Paolo De Conto in a sprint to the flag. Pedro Hiltbrand on the podium of KZ2 but excluded at the end of the race due to a verbal reaction to a 5 seconds time penalty he had been handed.

The KZ and KZ2 World Championship in Le Mans has been quite tight until the last lap, thanks to the competitiveness of the drivers on track that was very high in the world CIK-FIA event and to the mixed weather that changed from wet to dry challenging technicians further in finding the right setup of karts, but also due to stewards interventions that enlivened a bit the final classifications.
One thing is certain, the KZ World Champion 2015 is Jorrit Pex, the quick Dutch driver that has recently returned to the “CRG family” together with his team Pex Racing that includes also his brother Stan Pex, who was on track in the International KZ2. The weather also eventually smiled to the event of Le Mans and, following the rain fallen on part of the Saturday’s programme and Sunday morning, the most awaited sun came out for the final stages of the KZ and KZ2 championships.


Jorrit Pex, on CRG pushed by TM engine prepared by Jos Verstappen and Franco Drudi, after winning the Prefinal ahead of Paolo De Conto, put in a great race in the Final keeping himself behind the Italian driver of CRG-Maxter first and then moving an irresistible attack at the final lap, inflaming the numerous fans present in Le Mans that lived a very exciting moment.
The fight for the world title has involved Paolo De Conto, who led the race from lap three to the penultimate lap with Jorrit Pex on his tail. Exiting world champion Marco Ardigò was the third contender after a great comeback. The duel that involved De Conto, Pex and also Ardigò at the last lap originated a melee that ended up with the victory going to Pex, while De Conto fought with all his energy Ardigò’s attack closing second in Pex’s slipstream.
At the end of the race, Ardigò lost the third place due to a 10 seconds time penalty for the dropped nose cone after a contact with Arnaud Kozlinski, who inherited the third place.
Among the other CRG drivers, Andrea Dalè was back into the top ten of KZ on CRG-Tm, in ninth place. Davide Forè ended 26th due to a contact, while Simo Puhakka had to retire.


“I am really happy on the victory obtained by Jorrit Pex – declared CRG Spa President Giancarlo Tinini – also because he came back with us especially for this CIK-FIA World Championship after having already won the KZ1 European Championship in 2012 with out material. Paolo De Conto would have also deserved the win, but in the end we scored a great one two and we are happy for this. I would like to dedicate this CRG win to my mother-in low Rachele who passed away last week. She even had more passion that I do and I emotionally want to dedicate this 12th world championship in CRG’s history to her memory.”


The comment of the new KZ World Champion Jorrit Pex: “ We won a lot a lot in the past: 4 times the German Championship, WSK Championship, Euro Series, the European KZ1 Championship, the Grand Finals Rotax junior, but the world championship was the only thing that was missing and in 2015 we took it so I am really happy with it. For all the race the gap between me and Paolo was the same and a was waiting for a mistake by him, but he would not make it and I was only catching millimeters and centimeters. Then he went again and I closed in again. With six laps to go I said now I have to make a move or he is gone and then I went over the limit and with one lap to go I was very close to Paolo, he felt I was there and he started closing the gaps and we lost a lot of speed and then there was a gap for me to go inside and I took the inside line we nearly stopped. Meanwhile, Marco Ardigò closed in on us. He was on the outside, the next corner was to the left and I was in a good line for the chicane and out we came and I knew I was first and I knew no-one could take it from me”.


In KZ2 the Spaniard of CRG, Pedro Hiltbrand tried his best to get the victory in the CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup on CRG-Maxter, but after being the best following qualifying heats and getting the second place in his Prefinal, he lost some ground early on in the Final. Eventually, Hiltbrand successfully put in an overtaking move for the third place, but stewards judged the move to be too aggressive. For this reason, he was first of all handed a 5 seconds time penalty, and then excluded due to a verbal reaction to the penalty.
Among the other CRG drivers of KZ2, Stan Pex (CRG-Tm) ended fifth, Fabian Federer (CRG-Maxter) was eighth after also fighting for the third place. The Dutch Martijn Van Leeuwen of team CRG Keijzer Racing ended 22nd due to a spin after a contact. His team mate Dylan Davies, after the great third place in the Prefinal, had to retire in the Final as did Fabrizio Rosati who had the merit of managing to qualify for the final stages.
Felice Tiene could not take part in the final stages due to the pain to his left hand and back, after the incident he has been involved in during the last heat on Saturday. Tiene tried to run the warm-up on Sunday morning, but could not continue also to avoid compromising his participation to the KF World Championship that will take place next 27 September in Italy at La Conca (Muro Leccese).

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KZ2_Pedro_Hiltbrand crg maxter european chanpionship KZ2_Pedro_Hiltbrand crg maxterCRG_Cunaphoto_EUP15312


Hiltbrand wins the KZ2 Final and gets the lead of the European Championship with a good margin. The other CRG drivers slowed down by a series of inconveniences. Forè 11th in KZ.

The Spaniard of CRG Pedro Hiltbrand has been successful in the second round of the KZ2 European Championship held in Zuera. Thanks to an excellent second place, that was later on modified into victory due to a penalty handed to the first at the flag, Hiltbrand got the classification lead on CRG Road Rebel chassis pushed by Master MX-S at the fast circuit of Zuera.


After the first round of Sarno, where Hiltbrand scored a great second place ahead of Felice Tiene, the momentum of Hiltbrand continued in Zuera, at his “home race”, as the Spaniard put in a great weekend. Hiltbrand came to the fore during practice posting the quickest time of his group and the fourth absolute place, that was later on confirmed in the heats. He came third in the Prefinal and eventually won the Final after the 5 seconds time penalty handed to Celenta due to a jump start. This result awarded the grit of the Spanish driver of CRG and the team’s whole technical department that turned out to be victorious once again with the CRG Road Rebel chassis pushed by Maxter engine.

Ahead of the final round of Genk (Belgium) scheduled for next 12 July, Pedro Hiltbrand is the main candidate to the European KZ2 title as he currently stands at 52 points.

Felice Tiene has been a bit more unlucky as he was slowed down by an incident in the Final. In the end Tiene closed his effort in P12, but without that inconvenience the Italian could have aimed at the podium. The Japanese Fuma Horio put in a good race ending 20th, after shining in several occasions and winning the second chance race. Fabrizio Rosati also experienced a good weekend all the way to the Final, where he had in an incident that also involved his team mate Fabian Federer, who was also penalized in a heat as he had a problem with the spoiler due to a contact.


Among CRG drivers, the problem of the spoiler hit also Paolo De Conto in KZ as he was disqualified from the Prefinal where he had ended eighth. In the “highest” category, Davide Forè has been shining in P11 in the Final after a steep start, while the current European Champion Andrea Dalè, was 10th at the flag. Following a promising start with P7 in qualifying, Simo Puhakka could not put in the usual great race and had to settle for P17.

In Zuera the “penalty shower” regarding the front spoiler that is designed to detach after a contact, regardless it being a race contact, was back. Drivers competitiveness – that is destined to decrease a lot in International karting – is unfortunately the main loser as the weekend’s result.

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KZ2 – Finale



KZ2 – Chrono




KF – Finale



9ème Hiltbrand Pedro (CRG / PARILLA)

KF – Chrono Series 2

4ème Martijn Van Leeuwen (CRG / TM)

7ème Hiltbrand Pedro (CRG / PARILLA)

KF – Chrono series 1



MINI 60 – Finale



KFJ – Chrono Series 1


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CRG_60_Mini_Dennis_Hauger_FMP_9134 CRG_KF_Van_Leeuwen_FMP_9314 CRG_KF_Van_Leeuwen_FMP_9339 CRG_KZ2_Simo_Puhakka_FMP_9542

Simo Puhakka gets his first podium for CRG in KZ2, very good fifth place for Davide Forè. Paolo De Conto forced to the retirement. Martijn Van Leeuwen third in KF at the end of a good comeback race. Problems for Felice Tiene and Pedro Hiltbrand instead. Dennis Hauger and team Gamoto third in 60 Mini. Three podiums, and three spectacular ones too. This is the reward for CRG at the Adria International Raceway’s first round of the WSK Super Master, thanks to Simo Puhakka in KZ2, Martijn Van Leeuwen of team CRG Keijzer Racing in KF and Dennis Hauger of team Gamoto in 60 Mini.

GREAT PODIUM FOR SIMO PUHAKKA IN KZ2 The Finn Simo Puhakka put in a stunning performance in KZ2 on CRG-Maxter. The new CRG works driver that joined the team in 2015 unleashed himself in the Final, after the sixth place in his Prefinal. Started from the eighth spot of the grid, Puhakka managed to recoup all the way to a truly deserved podium in the Final following Ardigò and the Spaniard Pescador. In his charge to the podium, Puhakka also overtook his team mate Davide Forè (great in this event). The third place of Puhakka and the fifth of Forè in KZ2 have been very good results for CRG at the end of a quite difficult weekend. Paolo De Conto had to retire from the Final due to a puncture after suffering some blistering in the Prefinal. Fabrizio Rosati also experienced some problems with the tires and could not make it to the Final, while Fabian Federer could not find a place for the Final either, due to some technical problems. Andrea Dalè, also on CRG-Maxter, ended in 14th place. De Conto conceded himself the satisfaction of posting the quickest time of the Final though, which which is a good indication of the competitiveness of the chassis, engine and driver.


Good news in KF came from the Dutch driver Martijn Van Leeuwen of team CRG Keijzer Racing. He lived a great weekend ended on a high after losing a lot of positions halfway through the Final and promptly getting them back ending with the third place behind the winner Basz and Nielsen. Dionisios Marcu had to stop due to a technical problem, which was a pity as the Romanian driver had produced a good weekend up to that point. Felice Tiene and Pedro Hiltbrand experienced a weekend to be forgotten, as they were hit by several problems also in the Prefinal, Tiene saw his tire unstuck from the rim, while Hiltbrand had a problem to the engine and they were both excluded from the Final. The German driver Hannes Janker of team TB Motorsport ended ninth, while Archie Tillett took an honest 18th position.


A contact in KF Junior’s Prefinal heavily penalized the Malaysian driver Muizzuddin Musyaffa Bin Abdul Gafar of team Gamoto, when he was among the front runners. Muizzuddin could not get access to the Final. Things went much better for CRG and team Gamoto with the Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger, who ended third in the Final at the end of a race that he could have won. The victory went to Michelotto from Muller. The other CRG driver in force at Gamoto, Leonardo Marseglia ended fifth in the Final after winning his Prefinal.

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CRG_KZ2_Jordon_LennoxLamb_Ph_CRG_Press CRG_Mini_Team_Gamoto_Ph_CRG_Press

Jordon Lennox confirmed to be very quick in KZ2 and obtained a good fifth place on CRG-Maxter. Felice Tiene put in a good comeback race in KF, as Dionisios Marcu. Alex Quinn strong in KFJ, while Leonardo Marseglia got a podium in Mini.

The brand new track Adria Karting Raceway closed WSK season 2014 as well as that of CRG Racing Team, that archived a year full of emotions and competitiveness in all categories.

While waiting to prepare the new year that announces to be rather interesting due to several technical advancements and to an even more competitive team, CRG had all his driver under the spotlight in Adria, starting from Jordon Lennox-Lamb in KZ2, who has been protagonist and combative as usual on the 1.302 meters of the circuit of Adria making good display of the quality of CRG chassis and of the evolution of Maxter engine, a pairing that is destined to award a lot of success to the Italian outfit.


Lennox obtained a good P5 in the Final after showing a good speed for the whole weekend: P2 after heats and P3 in the Prefinal. Started very well also in the Final, Lennox had to concede some positions during the race though and from the starting P2 he ended 5th, even though he kept the pace of the front runners posting the second quickest time of the race in 48.077.


Felice Tiene in KF awarded the usual emotions and never gave up despite a double technical problem that forced the Italian to put in a comeback after qualifying heats. Tiene had to start the Prefinal from the back, but managed to climb all the way to P10. In the Final, he kept his momentum, recovering up to the 6th place. He therefore managed to score another strong performance that made justice to a good technical performance and to the unquestionable qualities of a winning driver like Felice Tiene.

A very good performance was also put in by Dionisios Marcu in KF. He has been involved in an incident in the Prefinal and then has been superlative in the Final, where he managed to climb all the way from last to a brilliant P10. The Final was won by Basz from Fewtrell to Van Leeuwen. The fourth place went to Nicklas Nielsen and the fifth to Kevin Rossel.


A strong confirmation in KF Junior came from the young Alex Quinn, who was 9th at the flag after a very tight Final with the CRG driver in the slipstream of the leading pack after starting from P15. The Final was won by Martono from Sargeant to Leonardo Lorandi. The other CRG driver, Archie Tillett, had a bit of bad luck in the Prefinal and he just missed on gaining access to the Final.


CRG has been represented by team Gamoto in 60 Mini and all the 5 entered drivers made it to the Final. Leonardo Marseglia experienced the joy of the podium thanks to the third place behind Bogdanov and Serravalle. The Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger ended fourth, but he could have got on the podium if he were not stuck in the heat of the final stages of the race. The Malaysian driver Muizzuddin Bin Abdul Gafar has always been fighting with the front runners and ended in P7. Regarding the other two color bearers of team Gamoto, Muhammad Sidqi ended 22nd while Morocco’s Souleimane Zanfari 33rd.

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CRG_KF_Felice_Tiene essay CRG_KF_Pedro_Hiltbrand essay CRG_KFJ_Alex_Quinn essay

Felice Tiene ended 8th in KF after an unlucky Prefinal. Pedro Hiltbrand was forced to the retirement with two laps to go. Alex Quinn surprising in KF Junior with a spectacular comeback Prefinal.

Essay (France). The weekend just ended in Essay (France – Low Normandy) at the International Circuit Aunay Le Bois has been full of emotions. The venue hosted in fact the only round of the KF and KF Junior World Championship, as weather affected the finals held on Sunday. CRG drivers have been hit by some bad luck in this occasion and they could not live up to their expectations and get what was at their reach.

The two world titles have been won by the two Brits Lando Norris (KF) and Enaam Ahmed (KF Junior) in Essay, but the two CRG drivers Felice Tiene and Pedro Hitbrand could have also slided in the KF title contenders, should bad luck have not hit them.


The weekend of CRG drivers started a bit steep since qualifying, exception made for Felice Tiene who was sixth, but then it got better in qualifying heats as the fourth place made the Italian driver quite hopeful ahead of the final stages.

Unfortunately, the rain fallen on Sunday morning during the Prefinal and the wet tarmac made Tiene slip down to the 14th place. The Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand managed to get the most out of the wet tarmac instead, recovering from P18 to the 9th place in the Prefinal.

In the Final, Tiene has been hit at the start of the race, but then managed to close in with a streak of fast laps installing himself right behind the leading group. At the end, he had to settle for P8, showing anyway a crescendo of performance that was confirmed by the third fastest lap of the race. Pedro Hiltbrand placed himself close to the front runners but then lost some ground due to a technical problem to the engine and had to retire when only two laps were still to go.

Regarding the other two CRG drivers competing in KF, Dionisios Marcu could not get access to the final stages as he was P9 in the repechage race, while Sidney Gomez did not earn his pass to the final stages due to the results in the heats.


In KF Junior, the very young Alex Quinn stunned everyone putting in a series of amazing and always positive results after finding the right setup. Following the 40th time in qualifying, he was 35th after the heats and then the young Quinn managed to complete a great recover in the wet Prefinal where he finished fourth! A technical problem in the Final, probably to the carburator, slowed down Quinn since the first lap and then made him retire from the race.

Archie Tillett did not manage to get any positions back after a series of unlucky heats and had to settle for 22nd in his Prefinal.


Felice Tiene: “This time we were not at our 100%, but I had a lot more speed in the Final than in the heats, and I managed to post the third quickest lap. Unfortunately, we made a mistake with the tires pressure in the Prefinal and I had to settle for 14th. In the Final I just missed a tenth from the front runners, but starting from the 14th position I could not go beyond P8. I hope for a lot better in Sarno’s KZ1 World Championship to be held next 12 October.”

Pedro Hiltbrand: “On the dry I have always been struggling a bit in this weekend, but I am happy as in the final stages I found a lot of speed. The chassis was perfect and in the Prefinal I completed a good comeback from P18 to 9th, but I was slowed down by a problem to the engine in the Final and I eventually had to retire. I am happy anyway on all the work done by the whole team.”

Euan Jeffery, team manager CRG: “We have been hit by bad luck in this weekend, especially in KF Junior, where we run a good Prefinal with Quinn but then have been penalized by a technical problem in the Final. In KF, we had good hopes even if weather conditions were difficult due to the mix of wet and dry tarmac. Felice Tiene has been hit from behind at turn two and therefore lost a lot of time, but then he managed to close in thanks to some great lap times which shows the quality of our material. Hiltbrand started well and managed to be close to the leading group, but a technical problem to the engine made him retire with two laps to go. Our two drivers have run a good Final though. Now we are focused on Sarno’s KZ1 and KZ2 World Championship. We already started preparing the race and we are quite hopeful.”

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Pedro Hiltbrand ended close to the podium in the Final of the last round of the European KF Championship held at the PF International Circuit of Brandon. Felice Tiene was forced to the retirement instead after coming to the fore in the heats run on Saturday. CRG had quite an unlucky final stage in England’s fourth and final round of the European KF and KF Junior Championships, as only Pedro Hiltbrand kept the Italian outfit’s flag high ending close to the podium in the decisive race of KF, losing it only shortly before the chequered flag.

The Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand, shone in KF for CRG at the PF International Circuit of Brandon, at the end of a good comeback from the wet qualifying heat run on Friday where he ended 20th. Later on he has always been among the best in the remaining qualifying heats closing this stage with the 7th position. Hiltbrand placed himself in the group of front runners in the Prefinal and ended seventh after leading the race for a long time. In the Final, he managed to hold the third place until the final laps when, he had to give the podium position away finishing 5th. This has been a good result anyway for Pedro Hiltbrand that, thanks to this result, ended 7th in the final standings at 42 points. Felice Tiene lived an exit to be forgotten instead. Despite the excellent performance obtained in Saturday’s heats, where he claimed a win and put in several spectacular comeback races from the 24th time held on Friday’s qualifying. In the Prefinal, the Italian had a technical problem and his weekend virtually ended there. In the Final, an incident in the initial stages put the word end to his weekend. Tiene ended 8th in the classification as he totaled 39 points. Dionisios Marcu ended 22nd in KF after the retirement in the Prefinal.

The European Championship that was won last year by Max Verstappen on CRG, went this year to Callum Ilott (Zanardi), who also won the Final.

The British driver Alex Quinn had to give up in KF Junior after suffering ribs problems on Saturday. His debut in KF Junior has quite been positive though, as he showed good speed especially in qualifying. The other CRG works driver Archie Tillett showed good progress and managed to get access to the final stages but a retirement in the Prefinal spoiled the result of the Briton’s Final that saw him crossing the finish line in 25th position.

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Andrea dalé rick dreezen crg zanardi CRG_KZ2_Andrea_Dale european champion CRG_KZ_Jorrit_Pex

The European KZ and KZ2 Championships ended in Sweden with Andrea Dalè, privateer driver on CRG-Maxter, winning the title of KZ2 European Champion at the end of an exciting Final that saw Felice Tiene and Fabian Federer on the podium. Jorrit Pex ended fourth in KZ, Lennox was ninth, while Forè had to retire. The third and last round of the European KZ and KZ2 reached its conclusion in Sweden at the Circuit of Kristianstad. The balance for CRG has been really positive thanks to the performance of its drivers, to the competitiveness of the several-times victorious chassis of the Italian outfit, as well as to the excellent performance of the Maxter engine unit that allowed the privateer driver Andrea Dalè to be crowned as the new European Champion in KZ2.


The two CRG works drivers Felice Tiene and Fabian Federer, on CRG-Maxter,have been to the fore in KZ2, alongside the new European Champion Andrea Dalè. The two CRG drivers produced in fact a spectacular final stage where they respectively claimed the second and third place in the Prefinal. They also ended on the podium of a very tight Final as in the sprint to the line they followed the Swedish driver Douglas Lundberg, with Tiene second and very close to completing the decisive overtaking move for P1 and Federer ended third.
The Prefinal seemed to have elected the Lithuanian driver Juodvirsis, fifth on Maxter, as the main title contender but in the Final Juodvirsis has been forced to the retirement, while on the contrary Andrea Dalè ended ninth in the Prefinal, but managed to put in a comeback race in the Final reaching the fifth position that earned him the points needed to secure the European Championship. Dalè totaled in fact 55 points.


The Prefinal of KZ unfortunately staged an incident that involved Davide Forè who was flawlessly put off track when fighting for top positions. That was a shame as the Italian driver was stripped from the chance of showing all his potential with the Maxter engine unit. In Prefinal, Jordon Lennox-Lamb confirmed to be very quick as he was the first of CRG drivers in fifth place, setting also the fastest lap of the race. Jorrit Pex on CRG-TM ended eighth instead.
Lennox lost a few positions at the start of the Final and then he could not claim them back crossing the finish line in ninth place. On the contrary, Pex managed to put in a comeback race fighting for the podium. The final charts saw anyway De Conto on top, leading Hajek and Dreezen as the latter won the title of European Champion. Pex ended fourth, Yannick De Brabander was 14th, while Forè was eventually forced to the retirement after having recovered all the way to P12.


In KF Junior, Archie Tillett on CRG-TM, managed to gain access to the Final thanks to the seventeenth place obtained in the Prefinal. He later on ended 24th in the Final. The final round of the European KF Junior Championship is scheduled for next 31st August in England in a joint event with the last round of KF at the International PF Circuit of Brandon.


The competitiveness displayed by CRG in this European Championship is a good starting point for the most important appointment of the season of categories KZ and KZ2: the forthcoming World Championship of Sarno. The team will be heading there with the awareness of an excellent competitiveness of the latest update of the Maxter engine. This was proven in Sweden as Felice Tiene set the quickest time in KZ2 qualifying and in the Final Tiene and Fabian Federer put in very quick laps, while Jordon Lennox-Lamb turned out to be the quickest in the three qualifying heats valid for KZ and in Prefinal alike. Davide Forè set the quickest time in the free practice instead. In other words: stopwatches answers have been excellent for CRG.

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Andrea Dalè crg maxter mxs Pedro Hiltbrand crg

Andrea Dalè, privateer driver on CRG-Maxter, dominated the Belgian weekend in Genk winning also the Final, after claiming pole position and victory in all four heats. Federer was also on the podium of KZ2. Felice Tiene stopped by an incident in KF. Jordon Lennox-Lamb on the KZ podium in third place, ahead of Jorrit Pex.The weekend in Belgium at the Circuit of Genk ended with a triple podium marked CRG-Maxter, thanks to a dominant Andrea Dalè, the third place of Fabian Federer in KZ2, and the third of Jordon Lennox-Lamb in KZ, who proceeded Jorrit Pex. Very tough luck for Felice Tiene in KF, who was involved in an incident when he was about to attack the front-runners in a Final whereby he would have certainly been among the protagonists.


Andrea Dalè, privateer loyal to CRG colors since his involvement as works driver for the Italian firm, had the upper hand on all his rivals. The driver from Brescia, on CRG-Maxter, got full haul in Genk as he started from the pole position, kept his momentum with 4 wins out of four heats, won the Prefinal and then claimed a fair and square victory in the Final, setting also the fastest lap of the race. Nothing is left to say… “well done!” Really uncatchable by everybody, Dalè has been the “king” of the Belgian weekend winning the first of the three rounds of the European CIK-FIA KZ2 Championship.
Remarkably enough, Andrea Dalè has been the quickest of all the weekend, even compared to the racers of the higher category KZ, both in qualifying when he posted the laptime of 52”801 – that was the absolute record of the event – and in the Final where he posted a 53”017.
Fabian Federer has been very good in KZ2 on CRG powered by Maxter supported directly by the factory, as he ended third in the Final, after a stunning comeback started from P10 due to the fifth place in Prefinal-2.
Some tough luck hit the Costa Rica’s driver Daniel Formal, who was involved in an incident at the start of the Prefinal and then did not make it to the Final. Very good performance for CRG Holland’s Finn Kooijman, on CRG-TM, who was fourth in the KZ2 Final after also holding the second position. The German Maik Siebecke, on CRG-Modena, put in a good Final ended in tenth place. Good growth also for Stan Pex, who is the younger brother of Jorrit Pex, good 19th on CRG-TM.


Felice Tiene could not lunge in KF after starting from the eighth spot of the grid in the Final following a good comeback in Prefinal, where he was 19th on the grid due to an incident in one heat. The Italian driver – who has been racing with KVS engine for his title hunt – was quite ready in the Final to gain P7 at the start closing in on the front runners. Unfortunately, an incident blocked him at the start of the second lap. He then finished in 25th place. This was a real shame as Tiene could have certainly been capable of fighting for the victory to aim to the title in the final race scheduled for the end of August in England.
The Spanish CRG driver Pedro Hiltbrand, had a solid weekend in KF. He managed to gain access to the Final in the repechage race recovering from P20 to third! He later on ended 11th in the Final race. Dionisios Marcu also had a good comeback, as he finished 15th in the Final after getting off from P26.


Jordon Lennox-Lamb put in a good performance in KZ. The British driver, on CRG powered by Maxter with the factory support, managed to claim the third step of the podium recovering from the initial eighth position in a very good weekend for CRG.
Lennox proceeded Jorrit Pex on CRG-TM, as the latter ended fourth. The two drivers have been among the main racers of the highest category with the shift throughout the weekend. Davide Forè on CRG-TM run by team DTK ended 16th instead (+10”), while Yannick De Brabander also on CRG-TM could not materialize the starting seventh place and conceded some positions until the final lap when he was forced to the retirement. The Final was won by Ardigò, who has always been among the front runners and closed ahead of Rick Dreezen ZANARDI-PARILLA, while the third place – as said – went to Jordon Lennox-Lamb.

CRG kart

MAXTER engines


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CRG_CIK_KF_Tiene championnat d'europe zuera CRG_CIK_KF_Hiltbrand championnat d'europe zuera CRG_CIK_KFJ_Martinez championnat d'europe zuera

Stunning race by Felice Tiene in Zuera (Spain) that confirmed to be among the title contenders in the European KF Championship. Jordon Lennox-Lamb strong protagonist in DD2 at the Rotax Euro Challenge in Castelletto.

Last weekend has seen a double and exciting challenge for CRG, that has been racing in Zuera (Spain) at the European CIK-FIA KF & KF Junior Championship as well as in Castelletto di Branduzzo (Italy) for the Rotax Euro Challenge. CRG works team has been protagonist in both racing rounds proving to be competitive once more, while harvesting solid results in Spain’s KF with Felice Tiene and in Italy’s DD2 with Jordon Lennox-Lamb. Both racers are well within the fight for the corresponding titles.


Felice Tiene has been one of the main protagonists of the weekend in Zuera’s European Championship, putting his name forward for the title. The Italian driver run a solid qualifying, where he secured the third place in his group and the sixth in the absolute standings. He then unleashed all his potential in the heats setting the absolute best performance: 3 splendid wins out of 4 races earned him 10 precious points for the championship. In the Prefinal, Tiene was again in the leading group securing the fifth place. In the Final he was involved in a series of very good duels and he finally took the seventh place. This is quite a handy placing classification-wise, as Tiene is currently fourth only 7 points shy of the leader.

The victory of the race went to Tom Joyner – back to the victory after his triumph in Bahrain that gave him the World Champion title – who awarded another satisfaction to Tinini Group.

The race of CRG’s Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand has been positive too, as he crossed the finish line in P11 after a very good comeback from the 20th place in qualifying. Sidney Gomez and Dionisios Marcu experienced a series of technical issues in KF and could not get access to the final stages.


Jordon Lennox-Lamb has been exceptional in DD2, as usual, in the concurrent second round of the Rotax Euro Challenge after the spectacular win he clinched in Genk. The weekend of Lennox set off with the quickest time in his qualifying group that was worth the fourth absolute time. He later on secured the win in one heat and stood in third place of the classification after the heats. Lennox kept the third position all the way to the flag in the Prefinal, while in the Final he fought with the front runners but eventually had to contempt himself with the fifth place after several appearances in third position. Lennox is currently second in the standings at only 7 points to the leader Ben Cooper. Very good performance by Daniel Formal in DD2. The quick driver from Costarica has always been among the quickest drivers also in Castelletto. Formal has been unfortunately slowed down by an incident in the Final and he ended 14th.
The young German driver Luka Kamali has been quite unlucky instead. He has been very good in qualifying and heats, where he gained the fifth absolute time. But due to strong pain to his ribs he was forced to give up and skip the final stages.
The Canadian Alessandro Bizzotto has been very quick too in DD2, but he rolled over in the last qualifying heat and had to run the Repechage race. Unfortunately he missed to gain access to the final by two positions only.
The Belgian driver Yannick De Brabander and the Polish Lukasz Bartoszuk have been competing in Rotax Senior. Both drivers managed to get the pass to the final stages but due to several problems De Brabander ended the Final in P20, while Bartoszuk had to retire after being 17th in the Prefinal.The young driver from Equador José Enrique Brito has been very quick since qualifying in Rotax Junior, when he set the seventh absolute time. He was fourteenth at the end of heats, but his final stages were quite unlucky as he at to retire in the Prefinal and then a 5 seconds penalty relegated him to P26 after a very good comeback race.

CRG kart

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CRG_KF_Tiene_Ph_CRG_Press_FMP_7419 european CIK-FIA KF & KF Junior Championship crg european CIK-FIA KF & KF Junior Championship CRG_KFJ_Martinez_Ph_CRG_Press_FMP_5907 european CIK-FIA KF & KF Junior Championship CRG_KF_Dionisios_Ph_CRG_Press_FMP_6423 european CIK-FIA KF & KF Junior Championship

Great race for Felice Tiene who recovered in KF Final from P25 to the fourth place. Very good race for Pedro Hiltbrand too, always among the best and eventually good fifth. Solid debut for Eliseo Martinez in KF Junior, despite being stopped by an incident.

La Conca (Lecce, Italy). Only the podium is missing to set in stone the very good result obtained by CRG in the first weekend of the European CIK-FIA KF & KF Junior Championship, held at the International Circuit La Conca of Muro Leccese. Felice Tiene and Pedro Hiltbrand secured important points for the classification and Eliseo Martinez turnedouttobeaprotagonistinKFJunior.

The KF Final has been absolutely spectacular and it involved Felice Tiene and the Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand, both putting in a stunning final stage on their CRG-TM. Hiltbrand has had a constant pace always being among the front runners, while Tiene had a weekend in crescendo completing a comeback final race from the 25th place of the grid up to the fourth place. This performance demonstration displayed by CRG envisages a good remainder of the season for the Italian team, that is the current reigning champion thanks to the title won last year by Max Verstappen.


The pace shown in La Conca’s Final could have awarded Tiene with the podium (perhaps even with the top step of the podium) if it were not for a violent bumping he has been involved in at the first corner of the Prefinal. The Italian driver rejoined as last and later on managed to recover up to the 25th place of the Prefinal, but then he put in a stunning comeback race in the Final. Very good race also for Hiltbrand, who has been quick since qualifying (best in his session) and heats (third), establishing himself among the front runners (he was third in the Prefinal) to end fifth later on in the Final, behind Tiene.

Bad luck hit Dionisios Marcu instead, who was forced to the retirement due to a technical problem during the first lap of the Final, after he won the repechage recovering up to the 19th place in the Prefinal.

Even tougher luck for Sidney Gomez, who has seen his weekend being compromised in qualifying due to the engine failure. He displayed all his quality in the repechage though, where he managed to secure the fifth place despite starting 17th on the grid! A 10 seconds penalty due to a problem at the start stripped him from the satisfaction of running the final stages.

The victory in the first round of the European KF Championship went to the Briton Callum Ilott (Zanardi-Parilla).


The young Eliseo Martinez Merono has been the most productive and quick driver in KF Junior, even if he would have deserved much more in his debut race of the European Championship. Unfortunately, he has been forced to the retirement at lap one of the Final when at the first hairpin he was involved in the heat of the start. That was a real shame as Martinez could have easily secured a good final result building on his sixth place of the Prefinal.

A brilliant Archie Tillett managed also to secure a place in the Final, ending his race in P21. Several problems affected the other two youngsters in force at CRG instead: the Venezuelan Mauricio Baiz and the Greek driver Konstantinos. Baiz missed out on the final by just a whisker as he ended seventh in the Repechage after recovering from the 19th place on the grid, while Konstantinos has been delayed by several contacts in the “hot” stages of the repechage race after running a good qualifying stage.


Euan Jeffery, CRG team manager: “We are happy on this European Championship opener. We showed good competitiveness both in KF and KF Junior. Felice Tiene run an extraordinary race in KF completing an incredible comeback. He has been perfect and very precise in all the overtaking moves. Pedro Hiltbrand completed a good race too, he has been excellent from lights to flag and made it into the top five. We made a good show of the quality of our material and of our drivers, therefore we can aim to good results in this season too. I am sorry for Dionisios Marcu as he had a problem at the first lap in the Final, and for Sidney Gomez who could not make it to the Final due to a penalty in the repechage. In KF Junior we had a good progression of results improving all our
material. We still miss something and we are working to improve it, but I am quite positive for the future. All our drivers have been competitive. What a shame for Eliseo Martinez, he could not get what he deserved in the Final due to an incident right after the start.”

Felice Tiene: “What a shame for the contact I was involved in the Prefinal, but I am very satisfied on the fourth place obtained in the Final. My objective was to score some points in this race and I did exactly that. We still have a few things to sort out but, after qualifying, we constantly improved in the heats and I had very good material for the final stages, with a better performance of chassis and engine. This result gives me a lot of confidence for the remainder of the championship.”

Pedro Hiltbrand: “I am happy on my fifth place. I made a small mistake exiting from a fast corner at the last lap and Felice overtook me, but I still am OK with fifth. What is important is the good speed I had. The championship is long and I will counter-charge in the next round that is going to be my home race in Zuera (Spain).”

CRG kart


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Callum-Ilott-KF-La-Conca tiene felice pedro hiltbrand crg la conca kf


KF – Finale






KF – Chrono series 1

2ème Ilott, Callum (ZANARDI / PARILLA)

6ème Tiene, Felice (CRG / TM)

KF – Chrono series 2

1er Hiltbrand, Pedro (CRG / TM)

10ème Van Leeuwen, Martijn (ZANARDI / PARILLA)

KFJ – Finale


KFJ – Chrono series 1

2ème Alex, – (DR / TM)

6ème Baiz, Mauricio (CRG / TM)

9ème Legeret, Lucas (ZANARDI / PARILLA)

KFJ – Chrono series 2

7ème Petrov, Artem (DR / TM)

KFJ – Chrono series 3

6ème Martinez Merono, Eliseo (CRG / TM)

7ème Garcia Lopez, Marta (ZANARDI / PARILLA)

CRG kart / ZANARDI kart / DR kart 

PARILLA engines / TM engines