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Jorrit Pex on CRG-Tm got the title of CIK-FIA KZ World Champion proceeding Paolo De Conto in a sprint to the flag. Pedro Hiltbrand on the podium of KZ2 but excluded at the end of the race due to a verbal reaction to a 5 seconds time penalty he had been handed.

The KZ and KZ2 World Championship in Le Mans has been quite tight until the last lap, thanks to the competitiveness of the drivers on track that was very high in the world CIK-FIA event and to the mixed weather that changed from wet to dry challenging technicians further in finding the right setup of karts, but also due to stewards interventions that enlivened a bit the final classifications.
One thing is certain, the KZ World Champion 2015 is Jorrit Pex, the quick Dutch driver that has recently returned to the “CRG family” together with his team Pex Racing that includes also his brother Stan Pex, who was on track in the International KZ2. The weather also eventually smiled to the event of Le Mans and, following the rain fallen on part of the Saturday’s programme and Sunday morning, the most awaited sun came out for the final stages of the KZ and KZ2 championships.


Jorrit Pex, on CRG pushed by TM engine prepared by Jos Verstappen and Franco Drudi, after winning the Prefinal ahead of Paolo De Conto, put in a great race in the Final keeping himself behind the Italian driver of CRG-Maxter first and then moving an irresistible attack at the final lap, inflaming the numerous fans present in Le Mans that lived a very exciting moment.
The fight for the world title has involved Paolo De Conto, who led the race from lap three to the penultimate lap with Jorrit Pex on his tail. Exiting world champion Marco Ardigò was the third contender after a great comeback. The duel that involved De Conto, Pex and also Ardigò at the last lap originated a melee that ended up with the victory going to Pex, while De Conto fought with all his energy Ardigò’s attack closing second in Pex’s slipstream.
At the end of the race, Ardigò lost the third place due to a 10 seconds time penalty for the dropped nose cone after a contact with Arnaud Kozlinski, who inherited the third place.
Among the other CRG drivers, Andrea Dalè was back into the top ten of KZ on CRG-Tm, in ninth place. Davide Forè ended 26th due to a contact, while Simo Puhakka had to retire.


“I am really happy on the victory obtained by Jorrit Pex – declared CRG Spa President Giancarlo Tinini – also because he came back with us especially for this CIK-FIA World Championship after having already won the KZ1 European Championship in 2012 with out material. Paolo De Conto would have also deserved the win, but in the end we scored a great one two and we are happy for this. I would like to dedicate this CRG win to my mother-in low Rachele who passed away last week. She even had more passion that I do and I emotionally want to dedicate this 12th world championship in CRG’s history to her memory.”


The comment of the new KZ World Champion Jorrit Pex: “ We won a lot a lot in the past: 4 times the German Championship, WSK Championship, Euro Series, the European KZ1 Championship, the Grand Finals Rotax junior, but the world championship was the only thing that was missing and in 2015 we took it so I am really happy with it. For all the race the gap between me and Paolo was the same and a was waiting for a mistake by him, but he would not make it and I was only catching millimeters and centimeters. Then he went again and I closed in again. With six laps to go I said now I have to make a move or he is gone and then I went over the limit and with one lap to go I was very close to Paolo, he felt I was there and he started closing the gaps and we lost a lot of speed and then there was a gap for me to go inside and I took the inside line we nearly stopped. Meanwhile, Marco Ardigò closed in on us. He was on the outside, the next corner was to the left and I was in a good line for the chicane and out we came and I knew I was first and I knew no-one could take it from me”.


In KZ2 the Spaniard of CRG, Pedro Hiltbrand tried his best to get the victory in the CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup on CRG-Maxter, but after being the best following qualifying heats and getting the second place in his Prefinal, he lost some ground early on in the Final. Eventually, Hiltbrand successfully put in an overtaking move for the third place, but stewards judged the move to be too aggressive. For this reason, he was first of all handed a 5 seconds time penalty, and then excluded due to a verbal reaction to the penalty.
Among the other CRG drivers of KZ2, Stan Pex (CRG-Tm) ended fifth, Fabian Federer (CRG-Maxter) was eighth after also fighting for the third place. The Dutch Martijn Van Leeuwen of team CRG Keijzer Racing ended 22nd due to a spin after a contact. His team mate Dylan Davies, after the great third place in the Prefinal, had to retire in the Final as did Fabrizio Rosati who had the merit of managing to qualify for the final stages.
Felice Tiene could not take part in the final stages due to the pain to his left hand and back, after the incident he has been involved in during the last heat on Saturday. Tiene tried to run the warm-up on Sunday morning, but could not continue also to avoid compromising his participation to the KF World Championship that will take place next 27 September in Italy at La Conca (Muro Leccese).

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The list of CRG drivers to compete in Sarno’s world champs

CRG_KZ_Jordon_Lennox CRG_KZ2_Sabre_Cook

CRG works team and a big number of privateers will challenge each other in the KZ World Championship and in the International Super Cup KZ2 to be held in Sarno next 12 October. The works team will also field the American driver Sabré Cook, who will be at her debut in a CIK-FIA World Championship.

CRG works team will line up a great team in Sarno for the KZ and KZ2 World Championship, with several top-drivers and some interesting new entries. All the drivers are ready to showcase the quality of CRG material that has always been on top of the two gearbox categories KZ and KZ2, that are the most performing of karting and those that excite more interest among fans.

The official CIK-FIA entry list features a solid number of entrants in Sarno, as 43 drivers will be fighting for the KZ World Championship and 105 for the KZ2 Super Cup, in a challenge that announces to be again top class and that this year will be housed by an exceptional stage like the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno.


Among CRG top-drivers to compete in KZ, KZ2 2012 World Cup Winner Jordon Lennox-Lamb (#5) will make it to the start after being fifth this year in the European KZ Championship. The five times World Champion in direct drive karts Davide Forè (#16) and KF2 2012 World Cup Winner Felice Tiene (#36) will also partake in the race, both on CRG-Maxter.

CRG Holland will line up Jorrit Pex (#6), on CRG-Tm, who has been European KZ1 Champion in 2012 and sixth this year in the KZ European Championship, as well as the quick Henri Kokko (#18), on CRG-Parilla.

CRG works team KZ2 line up contains 2011 KZ2 European Champion Fabian Federer (#103), who has been fourth in the classification this year. He will be joined by the Venezuelan driver Sidney Gomez (#145), by the Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand (#146) and by Giovanni Martinez (#147), all on CRG-Maxter.

Alongside the top drivers on which CRG works team will place its bets to bring home another world success, the Italian outfit will also line up some new entries in KZ2, among which the beautiful and talented American Sabré Cook, who will make her debut in an international race of this level after several important results obtained in the US.
In Sabré Cook’s showcase are the 6 wins in the Colorado’s championship, two International USA TAG Junior titles, one TAG USA Iame Senior, one S2 title at the Skusa Internationals, the second place in Las Vegas’ S2 and other strong results.

CRG will also take some other drivers at the debut with the works team in the KZ2 World Championship: namely, the Swiss André Reinhard and the American Joey Wimsett, both on CRG-Maxter.


A lot of privateers will also represent CRG. Among these, the new European KZ2 Champion Andrea Dalè will get on track on CRG-Maxter. Several other drivers will make it to the start at Sarno on CRG chassis and will play their chances to get the title, among which Loris Spinelli (#201 CRG-Maxter) who is one of the protagonists of the Italian Championship. The German driver Maik Siebecke (#105 CRG-Modena), the Dutch drivers Stan Pex (#122 CRG-Tm) and Symen Wiggers (#150 CRG-Tm), the Portuguese Rui Miguel Costa Carneiro (#174 CRG-Tm), the Canadian Phillip Orcic (#189 CRG-Tm), the Spaniard Oliver Enrico Prosperi (#194 CRG-Tm), the American Christian Schureman (#197 CRG-Tm), and the Italians Marco Pastacaldi (#190 CRG-Tm), Matteo Mazzucchelli (#178 CRG-Tm), Mattia Loddo (#185 CRG-Tm), Luigi Musio (#187 CRG-Tm) and Mauro Simoni (#200 CRG-Tm) will also be at the start of this important appointment.

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maxter MXS nouveau cylindre usine 2013 renneskart

The new Maxter MXS engine unit that got the victory in the KZ2 European Championship is already very competitive even in the “standard” customers version. It is ready for the charge to the World Championship.

The Maxter engine made his “reentry”, and it did it hands down. The engine’s exceptional performance has been showcased in the most recent official races that ended up with the European CIK-FIA KZ2 Championship title won by Andrea Dalè on the Maxter MXS prepared by Tec-Sav, but the strength of this new engine can also be appreciated in the standard version which is already very powerful.

The Maxter MXS unit developed directly by the Italian firm has always produced great performances with Fabian Federer, who has often been the quickest in the recent round of the European Championship held in Kristianstad. Figures are crystal clear: the Maxter MXS unit is getting solid results and is ready to charge in all the national and international championships first and in the most important appointments of the season next 12 October: the KZ World Championship and International KZ2 Super Cup CIK-FIA in Sarno (Salerno, Italy).

CRG and Tinini Group – company that is leading Maxter – President Giancarlo Tinini commented the success at the KZ2 European Championship with the following words: “We won the KZ2 European Championship with Andrea Dalè and we had very good results also with all our drivers, both in KZ and in KZ2. The evolution of Maxter in the MXS version gave us a lot of satisfaction since its development. We homologated this latest version last year and now we started getting great results, drivers are really happy and production started strong. We are receiving a lot of interest which makes us hopeful for the future.”

– This success is a great relaunch for Maxter engines…

“I am really very happy on the performance and reliability of the engine – Giancarlo Tinini confirmed – we are on the right way. Maxter MXS is one of the quickest engines out there in the market, even in terms of customer engines. This is very important as the standard engine is already very quick when it gets out from the factory and it can be successfully employed in races straight away. The collaboration with Savard is great, we exchange information and interventions all the time which is producing stunning results, now even with the new peparator Lilio Frizzi. This year we have been racing with engines prepared by Savard and with those prepared directly by us, and the results are quite similar, which shows we made a good step forward in terms of quality as our company can now offer top level and very competitive products to its customers.”

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marco zanchetta maranello world cup KZ2 varennes sur allier 2013 IMGP1910


Marco Zanchetta has been forced to the retirement in Varennes sur Allier’s KZ2 Prefinal as he was hit from behind, while Yannick De Brabander’s race in KZ was stopped by a technical problem. The two Maranello Kart drivers have been among the quickest of the French weekend though.

Varennes sur Allier (France). Premises for a good result for Maranello Kart were all there in Varennes sur Allier’s KZ World Championship and CIK-FIA International Super Cup KZ2 but unfortunately in karting things do not always go smooth as incidents and mechanical failures can always be behind the corner to leave regret for the performance put in up to that moment.

This is what happened last September 22nd on the fast circuit Jean Brun of Varennes, where Maranello Kart’s works driverMarco Zanchetta has been very strong throughout KZ2 qualifying all the way to the Prefinal where a perfect start put him to the lead of the race. Unfortunately, Zanchetta’s race ended shortly after the start when at the first corner he was hit from behind and was forced to rejoin as last. This was a real pity as Zanchetta would have deserved so much more.

The win was at his grasp after the competitiveness and speed shown with the win of two heats and the two second and two third places that gained him a front row start in the Prefinal. Right after the incident, Zanchetta rejoined to track down the top 17 and slide in the Final but after recovering up to P18 a contact with a rival during another overtaking move put the word end to his race.

“First of all we have always been competitive also in this weekend on the chassis Maranello Kart – commented Marco Zanchetta once the disappointment for the missed Final started to fade away – as we quickly solved some setup problems emerged in practice. On Sunday morning we opted for a new solution that seemed to be correct in the warm-up. We were in a strong shape, certainly in position to get the podium but also to race for the victory. I am quite disappointed on the lack of seriousness shown by a lot of people in such an important race. I noticed several unfair behaviours nullifying the real values on the field that would have emerged in this world championship race. Moreover, I believe that Prefinal is quite useless and harmful after running 6  heats as it provides the chance for more incidents, as happened in my case. All this said, I’d like to thank Maranello Kart, Rizzi brothers, Stefano Griggio with SG Race and Alessandro Levratti for the great support provided to me throughout the season. I hope to run some more races before the end of the season as I would like to end the year with a good result.”

A bit of regret at Maranello Kart also for Yannick De Brabander‘s result. The driver has been competing in KZ World Championship with the support of team EGP. The Belgian champion lived a very solid weekend up to the Final where he was forced to the retirement when hunting the front runners after starting from P12. De Brabander produced good qualifying races and the sixth time in his Prefinal raised team’s expectations on him. In fact, his lap-times in the Final where pretty quick but a problem to the engine forced him to give up halfway through.

The other driver defending Maranello Kart’s colors in KZ2 Super Cup was Simone Palazzetti but several problems prevented the Italian driver from reaching to the final stages despite a good level of competitiveness shown during the whole qualifying.

Luca Iannaccone, Maranello Kart: “In the end things did not go as we had hoped for but this is racing. I would like to thank anyway Marco Zanchetta for the great job done during the season, he has always been competitive and obtained top positions in the European Championship and in the WSK Euro Series on our chassis. A thank you goes also to team EGP and Yannick De Brabander; despite competing only in the European Championship and KZ World Championship they have done good things.  We are happy on what obtained, we hoped for more considering out potential, but that is it. This is our first year back to International races and the collaboration with Stefano Greggio made the balance certainly positive”.


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Another great team result has been achieved by CRG in France at the circuit of Varennes sur Allier. Max Verstappen won the KZ World Championship being now the youngest driver ever to win the title in the category with the shift. Lennox was also on the podium with an excellent third. Good performance by Tiene and Forè. Thonon forced to the retirement due to a technical problem. Varennes sur Allier (France). Another title for CRG and Max Verstappen that are unstoppable and unbeatable this year! Max Verstappen is the new KZ World Champion in the most powerful and with the shift category becoming the youngest driver in the history of this series to get the world title last weekend in Varennes, on the very fast Circuit Jean Brun.

The Italian firm and the young Dutch driver (16 years of age next September 30th) got the fifth title in 2013 after winning the KZ1 European Championship, the KF European Championship, the WSK Euro Series KZ1 and the WSK Master Series KZ2, as well as the KF Winter Cup at the beginning of the year. In France it has been a triumph again and one obtained by a very young driver like Max, which launches the chances of youngsters in a category that has traditionally been veterans field.

The 1.500 meters of the circuit of Varennes sur Allier, where slipstreams count a lot (the slipstream is worth 5km/h!), Max Verstappen managed to gain since the beginning those meters that did not allow his rivals to get close enough. The Dutch driver of CRG with Tm engine prepared by his father, former F1 driver Jos Verstappen, put in the perfect weekend that climaxed in the victory of his Prefinal and in the awesome victory in the Final, scored with a 3 seconds gap to Leclerc and on team mate Lennox-Lamb that secured in a sprint the other two steps of the podium.

This has been a team’s victory once again as CRG team has been compact and with several drivers in the hunt for the victory. Aside Max Verstappen, the success at CRG was also built by Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-Parilla), third at the flag and very competitive as always, Felice Tiene (CRG-Maxter), seventh only due to a bumping at the start of the race and Davide Forè (CRG-Tm), poleman in qualifying and stuck in a couple of quite harsh duels that relegated him to the final P12. In other words, all drivers have been among the main protagonists.
Good performance also by Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm), despite he could not get into the leading group due to several problems and finished 16th. He was followed by a very combative Fabian Federer (CRG-Maxter) in 17th. Alas, the Final missed the participation of 4 times world champion Jonathan Thonon (CRG-Maxter), who was forced to give up in the Prefinal due to a technical problem when he was counter-charging. Was it not for this, CRG could have scored a stunning hat-trick!

IN KZ2 SPINELLI ON THE PODIUM BUT SUB-JUDICE. In the KZ2 CIK-FIA International Super Cup, CRG got on the podium with Loris Spinelli (CRG-Tm), second at the flag after a spectacular recover in a race full of twists.
Unfortunately after the race the driver of team Modena Kart was penalyzed by 5 seconds for an overtaking move that was judged too harsh when he managed to get the lead. His team filed an appeal anyway and the classification is currently “sub-judice” with Boccolacci winner and Spinelli second ahead of Arrue. The sportive court will decide on the events validating or changing the final standings.
The two CRG drivers Xen De Ruwe – very good performance at the debut in the category after his good performances in Rotax Trophies – and Giovanni Martinez – for the first time in a world championship final – managed to get into the KZ2 Final. De Ruwe ended with a good P12, while Martinez had to retire one third into the race while setting good lap times. Positive results for both drivers that competed on CRG-Maxter.


Giancarlo Tinini, President of CRG S.p.A.: “Max Verstappen is in a very strong shape and is giving his best in all circumstances. This is going to be his last year in karting and he will move to motor racing at 99% therefore leaving this world with good memories is a good thing for him and for us. The target is widely met. From our side, I can just say that we are very happy for the result of this race but also for what harvested during the whole season. Besides the wins obtained by Max a lot of our drivers have often been protagonists which means we gained an high level of competitiveness that makes us hopeful to keep the momentum in the future.”

Euan Jeffery, team manager CRG: “We got also this very good result. Max led a stunning race. He did not start too well but then little by little he patiently built his victory. He showed his growth this year also in terms of race strategy. Building such a solid lead on a circuit like this shows his superiority. He did a very good race. As for the others, I think it is a pity that Jordon Lennox did not get the second place as it was at his grasp. We are sorry also for Davide Forè who has always been among the best as for Felice Tiene that was slowed down by a bumping. Good race for Fabian Federer, who did his best, while Jonathan Thonon has been quite unlucky for not qualifying to the Final due to an engine problem. I would like to highlight Xen De Ruwe’s performance. He is a very strong driver despite his little experience in this category. We are also happy for Giovanni Martinez, who got in the Final but was forced to the retirement due to a race contact.”

Max Verstappen:
“It’s amazing, I didn’t think it would have been so easy in the final as this track is all about slipstreaming, I have to thank CRG for the chassis, I was very happy with its balance as well as with my Dad’s engine that was perfect. I won all the championships it’s been a perfect season. Next November I will try to get the last International title of the season, KF World Championship in Bahrain. I am currently leading the standings and I hope I will manage to get such an important result to me and to the whole team”.

Jordon Lennox-Lamb: “I could have finished second but at the penultimate lap I put in the wrong gear and I have been taken. I recovered the lost ground but I could not get the position back. I have been waiting for this race for the whole season and was ready to challenge for the victory. I started from P10 and ended third, that’s not so bad but I wanted to win this race.”

Felice Tiene: “Unfortunately at the first corner of the Final I have been hit from behind and therefore and the back bumper was scraping on my wheel, which slowed me down for the whole race. On such a fast track I could not show all my potential. I was optimist ahead of the Final as I have been quick for all the weekend. This is a pity I certainly could have aspired to something more.”

Davide Forè: “Unfortunately in the Final I had a contact with Ardigò first and then with De Conto. I was close to the front runners and I think I could have got on the podium but I am quite happy anyway on how things went as we have always been among the front runners. It was great to get the pole position on Friday and I am happy for CRG’s victory. My compliments go to Max Verstappen, he won everything he certainly is the driver of the year. Very many compliments to him and CRG as well as to my team DT and my preparator Daldosso who gave his best for me”.

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