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KZ – Finale

1er De Conto, Paolo (CRG / TM)

4ème Pex, Jorrit (CRG / TM)

8ème Pex, Stan (CRG / TM)

13ème Dale, Andrea (CRG / TM)

KZ2 – Finale

2ème Persson, Benjamin (CRG / TM)

5ème Zanchetta, Marco (MARANELLO / TM)

8ème Gonzales, Nicolas (MARANELLO / TM)

9ème Paul, Maximilian (DR kart)

10ème Rosati, Fabrizio (CRG / TM)

ZANARDI kart / CRG kart / MARANELLO kart / DR kart – RENNESKART

PARILLA engines / TM engines – RENNESKART

Paolo De Conto secured the second KZ world title in a row on CRG-Tm in the World Championship held in Germany, 40th for CRG. CRG close to the big target also in KZ2 with Benjamin Tornqvist Persson in the International Super Cup.

The CIK-FIA KZ World Championship in Wackersdorf ended with another great win for CRG, that secured its 40th title with Paolo De Conto, who won his second world title in a row after, the one taken last year in Sweden, also on CRG-Tm.
In reality, CRG was very close to scoring another double win in Germany, as happened last year in Sweden, when Paolo De Conto was crowned 2016 KZ World Champion and Pedro Hiltbrand won with CRG the International KZ2 Super Cup. This time around, in Wackersdorf (Germany) another double win was at reach in KZ2 with the Dutch driver Benjamin Tornqvist Persson, who has been leading the Final until the last corner, but in this occasion CRG Holland’s driver had to settle for P2, as he was pipped by Alex Irlando in the sprint to the line.

CRG once again has been competitive and charging for the victory in both categories. Things went down to the wire in KZ2, while Paolo De Conto had the upper hand on his rivals recovering from P14 in qualifying, result that he had converted into P4 after the heats. De Conto therefore deservedly claimed another KZ World Championship, after winning the KZ European Championship in Kristianstad last July 30th. Amazing Paolo De Conto! He has been already crowned World Champion two times and European Champion three times.

In KZ, Jorrit Pex has also been shining in Wackersdorf completing a recovery up to the final fourth place, after holding a podium position for several laps. Stan Pex also run a strong race, ending eighth after an incident in the closing heat on Sunday morning penalized his starting position in the final. Andrea Dalè (Nuova 3M) also put in a solid performance ending 13th, while Flavio Camponeschi lost a few positions crossing the finish line in 16th position. Alessandro Giardelli run a strong race showing all his grit the first year in the category, ending the World Championship in 21st place. Macau’s driver Wing Chung Chang run a positive race ending 24th. Fabian Federer (SRP) has always been among the protagonists, but ended his Final on the first lap due to an incident with Lammers.

In KZ2, alongside the second place obtained by Benjamin Tornqvist Persson, CRG’s Fabrizio Rosati (SRP) ended within the top ten in P10. The Dutch driver Dylan Davies of CRG Keijzer Racing was 14th, CRG Holland’s Joey Hanssen 14th, Kay Van Berlo (CRG Keijzer) 22nd and Max Tubben (CRG Holland) 23rd due to a penalty. Some bad luck hit the two German drivers of CRG TB Racing Team Dominik Schmidt and Moritz Horn, that respectively ended 30th and 31st. The two Spanish drivers Gerard Cebrian Ariza and Enrico Prosperi, and the French Emilien Denner on Kalì Kart could not qualify for the Final instead.

An ecstatic Paolo De Conto commented his victory in KZ in this way: “This second KZ World Championship has been quite different from last year. This time around I did not put in a good lap in qualifying and I started heats from the fourth row. I had to take a lot of risks to get some ground back, but I managed to clinch the second row of the grid for the Final, a position that allowed me to fight for the win. We did an amazing job. I would like to thank CRG, starting from Giancarlo Tinini, the whole family and all the guys back at the factory, my mechanic Omar who did an exceptional work and, finally, my family and friends. This has been a difficult team victory, I also want to thank TM for the great job done that allowed us to be in front and take the win. This year CRG and I secured also the victory of the KZ European Championship, it has been a great season. I could not wish for more. Now we start working for the next season, aiming to score some other great results with CRG.”

ZANARDI kart / CRG kart / MARANELLO kart / DR kart – RENNESKART

PARILLA engines / TM engines – RENNESKART

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dr kart sarno 2014

DR grabs the KZ2 title and confirms its place as number one in this class. It has been a while now since the team managed by Danilo Rossi is at the top of the cadet gear class category. Already in Sarno, in 2012, there were several hints to show our success, when 2 drivers, Atones and Negro grabbed podium places after the world final. It didn’t take long for the win to come; in 2013 it took home the KZ2 European Championship win. After that, the aim was to climb to the top and get the KZ2 Super Cup win, which is the top CIK FIA achievement on a world wide level; all this goes to confirm the firm’s escalation in a matter of few years.
Danilo Rossi underlines the fact that this is a team win.

Our kart has always been protagonist over these last few seasons in all the national and international events thanks to the support of our retailers. This last season , besides the results in Sarno, we did well in the European Championship too and also in the KFJ World Cup, especially with Petrov Artem, a Russian driver and Italy’s Alex Irlando, we have always been very competitive despite the fact that due to a series of things we didn’t actually manage to get the results we expected.”

Van Der Burgt has proved to be the best driver in this series, I am however, also satisfied with Davies’ performance, very good in climbing up from grid 24 to grab tenth place after the final. Giametta and Alaimo (Team TomRacing) weren’t so lucky, on their first international experience they were held back by a series of incidents.”

Which is the team’s strong point?
Clear ideas on the work that needs doing. My collaborators and I plan and decide on what to do without bothering about the others. We decided to do the pre-world championship test so that our drivers would get to know the track, while kart kart set up was very reassuring for us. A special thank you goes to Massimo Greco the team’s engine tuner who allowed us to make the most of the power delivered by the engines at the most crucial part of the track near Naples with constancy in performance lap after lap.

What did you think of Van der Burgt?
Ryan is the icing on the cake. His performance during the prefinal was fantastic. To be honest, that was the race that made the difference, because the final was more straightforward… He is fast, presses hard on accelerator and above all, he was always off to a good start.

What are DR’s future aims?
Continue to develop the material and offer our retailers more services so as to get more improved results. Just like this year we have been successful in KZ, now we are looking to get better results in KF and in the Rotax series, where we have good development synergy with the Austrian team VPD.

DR kart


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DR kart CIK-FIA-International-Super-Cup-KZ2-Sarno

KZ2 – Finale

1er Van Der Burgt, Ryan (DR kart / TM)

2ème Camplese, Lorenzo (MARANELLO / TM)

9ème Hiltbrand, Pedro (CRG / MAXTER)

10ème Davies, Dylan (DR kart / TM)

12ème Pastacaldi, Marco (CRG / TM)

KZ2 – Chrono

2ème Spinelli, Loris (CRG / MAXTER)

3ème Camplese, Lorenzo (MARANELLO / TM)

5ème Federer, Fabian (CRG / MAXTER)

6ème Hiltbrand, Pedro (CRG / MAXTER)

8ème Dalè, Andrea (CRG / MAXTER)

10ème Van Der Burgt, Ryan (DR / TM)

11ème Gonzales, Nicolas (MAXTER)

13ème Siebecke, Maik (CRG / MODENA)

17ème Wimsett, Joey (CRG / MAXTER)

20ème Bernardotto, Enrico (MARANELLO / TM)

KZ – Finale

3ème Dreezen, Rick (ZANARDI / PARILLA)

8ème Pex, Jorrit (CRG / TM)

15ème Fore, Davide (CRG / MAXTER)

KZ _ Chrono

4ème Dreezen, Rick (ZANARDI / PARILLA)

6ème Pex, Jorrit (CRG / TM)

12ème Tiene, Felice (CRG / MAXTER)

14ème Fore, Davide (CRG / MAXTER)

19ème Mollo, Ciro (DR / TM)

CRG kart / MARANELLO kart / ZANARDI kart / DR kart

MAXTER engines

PARILLA engines / MODENA engines / TM engines

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maxter MXS nouveau cylindre usine 2013 renneskart

The new Maxter MXS engine unit that got the victory in the KZ2 European Championship is already very competitive even in the “standard” customers version. It is ready for the charge to the World Championship.

The Maxter engine made his “reentry”, and it did it hands down. The engine’s exceptional performance has been showcased in the most recent official races that ended up with the European CIK-FIA KZ2 Championship title won by Andrea Dalè on the Maxter MXS prepared by Tec-Sav, but the strength of this new engine can also be appreciated in the standard version which is already very powerful.

The Maxter MXS unit developed directly by the Italian firm has always produced great performances with Fabian Federer, who has often been the quickest in the recent round of the European Championship held in Kristianstad. Figures are crystal clear: the Maxter MXS unit is getting solid results and is ready to charge in all the national and international championships first and in the most important appointments of the season next 12 October: the KZ World Championship and International KZ2 Super Cup CIK-FIA in Sarno (Salerno, Italy).

CRG and Tinini Group – company that is leading Maxter – President Giancarlo Tinini commented the success at the KZ2 European Championship with the following words: “We won the KZ2 European Championship with Andrea Dalè and we had very good results also with all our drivers, both in KZ and in KZ2. The evolution of Maxter in the MXS version gave us a lot of satisfaction since its development. We homologated this latest version last year and now we started getting great results, drivers are really happy and production started strong. We are receiving a lot of interest which makes us hopeful for the future.”

– This success is a great relaunch for Maxter engines…

“I am really very happy on the performance and reliability of the engine – Giancarlo Tinini confirmed – we are on the right way. Maxter MXS is one of the quickest engines out there in the market, even in terms of customer engines. This is very important as the standard engine is already very quick when it gets out from the factory and it can be successfully employed in races straight away. The collaboration with Savard is great, we exchange information and interventions all the time which is producing stunning results, now even with the new peparator Lilio Frizzi. This year we have been racing with engines prepared by Savard and with those prepared directly by us, and the results are quite similar, which shows we made a good step forward in terms of quality as our company can now offer top level and very competitive products to its customers.”

MAXTER engines