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maxter MXS nouveau cylindre usine 2013 renneskart

The new Maxter MXS engine unit that got the victory in the KZ2 European Championship is already very competitive even in the “standard” customers version. It is ready for the charge to the World Championship.

The Maxter engine made his “reentry”, and it did it hands down. The engine’s exceptional performance has been showcased in the most recent official races that ended up with the European CIK-FIA KZ2 Championship title won by Andrea Dalè on the Maxter MXS prepared by Tec-Sav, but the strength of this new engine can also be appreciated in the standard version which is already very powerful.

The Maxter MXS unit developed directly by the Italian firm has always produced great performances with Fabian Federer, who has often been the quickest in the recent round of the European Championship held in Kristianstad. Figures are crystal clear: the Maxter MXS unit is getting solid results and is ready to charge in all the national and international championships first and in the most important appointments of the season next 12 October: the KZ World Championship and International KZ2 Super Cup CIK-FIA in Sarno (Salerno, Italy).

CRG and Tinini Group – company that is leading Maxter – President Giancarlo Tinini commented the success at the KZ2 European Championship with the following words: “We won the KZ2 European Championship with Andrea Dalè and we had very good results also with all our drivers, both in KZ and in KZ2. The evolution of Maxter in the MXS version gave us a lot of satisfaction since its development. We homologated this latest version last year and now we started getting great results, drivers are really happy and production started strong. We are receiving a lot of interest which makes us hopeful for the future.”

– This success is a great relaunch for Maxter engines…

“I am really very happy on the performance and reliability of the engine – Giancarlo Tinini confirmed – we are on the right way. Maxter MXS is one of the quickest engines out there in the market, even in terms of customer engines. This is very important as the standard engine is already very quick when it gets out from the factory and it can be successfully employed in races straight away. The collaboration with Savard is great, we exchange information and interventions all the time which is producing stunning results, now even with the new peparator Lilio Frizzi. This year we have been racing with engines prepared by Savard and with those prepared directly by us, and the results are quite similar, which shows we made a good step forward in terms of quality as our company can now offer top level and very competitive products to its customers.”

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Andrea dalé rick dreezen crg zanardi CRG_KZ2_Andrea_Dale european champion CRG_KZ_Jorrit_Pex

The European KZ and KZ2 Championships ended in Sweden with Andrea Dalè, privateer driver on CRG-Maxter, winning the title of KZ2 European Champion at the end of an exciting Final that saw Felice Tiene and Fabian Federer on the podium. Jorrit Pex ended fourth in KZ, Lennox was ninth, while Forè had to retire. The third and last round of the European KZ and KZ2 reached its conclusion in Sweden at the Circuit of Kristianstad. The balance for CRG has been really positive thanks to the performance of its drivers, to the competitiveness of the several-times victorious chassis of the Italian outfit, as well as to the excellent performance of the Maxter engine unit that allowed the privateer driver Andrea Dalè to be crowned as the new European Champion in KZ2.


The two CRG works drivers Felice Tiene and Fabian Federer, on CRG-Maxter,have been to the fore in KZ2, alongside the new European Champion Andrea Dalè. The two CRG drivers produced in fact a spectacular final stage where they respectively claimed the second and third place in the Prefinal. They also ended on the podium of a very tight Final as in the sprint to the line they followed the Swedish driver Douglas Lundberg, with Tiene second and very close to completing the decisive overtaking move for P1 and Federer ended third.
The Prefinal seemed to have elected the Lithuanian driver Juodvirsis, fifth on Maxter, as the main title contender but in the Final Juodvirsis has been forced to the retirement, while on the contrary Andrea Dalè ended ninth in the Prefinal, but managed to put in a comeback race in the Final reaching the fifth position that earned him the points needed to secure the European Championship. Dalè totaled in fact 55 points.


The Prefinal of KZ unfortunately staged an incident that involved Davide Forè who was flawlessly put off track when fighting for top positions. That was a shame as the Italian driver was stripped from the chance of showing all his potential with the Maxter engine unit. In Prefinal, Jordon Lennox-Lamb confirmed to be very quick as he was the first of CRG drivers in fifth place, setting also the fastest lap of the race. Jorrit Pex on CRG-TM ended eighth instead.
Lennox lost a few positions at the start of the Final and then he could not claim them back crossing the finish line in ninth place. On the contrary, Pex managed to put in a comeback race fighting for the podium. The final charts saw anyway De Conto on top, leading Hajek and Dreezen as the latter won the title of European Champion. Pex ended fourth, Yannick De Brabander was 14th, while Forè was eventually forced to the retirement after having recovered all the way to P12.


In KF Junior, Archie Tillett on CRG-TM, managed to gain access to the Final thanks to the seventeenth place obtained in the Prefinal. He later on ended 24th in the Final. The final round of the European KF Junior Championship is scheduled for next 31st August in England in a joint event with the last round of KF at the International PF Circuit of Brandon.


The competitiveness displayed by CRG in this European Championship is a good starting point for the most important appointment of the season of categories KZ and KZ2: the forthcoming World Championship of Sarno. The team will be heading there with the awareness of an excellent competitiveness of the latest update of the Maxter engine. This was proven in Sweden as Felice Tiene set the quickest time in KZ2 qualifying and in the Final Tiene and Fabian Federer put in very quick laps, while Jordon Lennox-Lamb turned out to be the quickest in the three qualifying heats valid for KZ and in Prefinal alike. Davide Forè set the quickest time in the free practice instead. In other words: stopwatches answers have been excellent for CRG.

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